Note to Nigerian Women Copied, Tiwa and Tonto.

To you Nigeria woman, who has been caught by the web of cowards, weakling and blackmailing men who our society have empowered by the level of immunity available for them.

As a society, that is anti-women, men have been doing these and getting away with it, am not undermining the fact that women don’t do it, they do too.

But our point here is on having men who we are dating as lovers/friends or even bedmates,  setting us up for money with our nude picture and videos, because they will tell you there’s a law protecting women, but for the fact it has not been implemented fully, exercise and set examples by punishing people for such offences, we keep getting these and people getting away with it and more people getting involved, after all, nothing will happen, yes nothing has been happening but we keep destroying our people psychological and emotional.

Having said that, I also wish to blame us, we, the women for direct and indirectly bringing these ugly accidents up ourselves, I ask how we keep dating or attracting such evil man only intended to take advantage of us, it have everything to do with who we are, irrespective of our fame, class. money or social status.

Because we lack self-worth, the Majority of us don’t know who we are, in the mindset of reducing our standard to accommodate people majority of us have robbed ourselves in the mud just in a bit to prove that we are humble..

Because by been afraid of being alone, being so quick in jumping into a relationship and by the mentality of, I just need a man without minding who and what he is, for the fact he has a penis, I will make do of him, I want to feel among, atlases I have a man like others.

we have brought this mayhem on up ourselves, I feel for us, all women who have fallen short of this evil act  and wish we ladies quick getting to your feet and having a full understanding  of having self-worth, is not being prideful, is knowing who you are and being in your place, it has a way of salving your problem up to 75%,

Women need mental toughness, emotional strength, toughness is not for war, but it will help you to separate good and bad internally, it will help you in good decision making, in learning to be complete on your own by that you don’t jump into a relationship for compilation rather you go into relationship for the compliment, you need to be happy on your own, not depending on your happiness on being with a man, such mindset will certainly make you make avoidable mistakes in your choice of relationship.

Lastly don’t be quick in starting a friendship/Relationship, take your time to get  to know your partner, who they are and what they are, and what they want, if you can solve these 3w’s problems of a relationship, your relationship problem is half solved,  pay action to your intuitive nature you have it as a woman, use it,

The problem is that majority of us women, are more interested in knowing who our partners are but not paying attention to what they are, which is the most important, what one is, says it all.

We should slow down on quick sex, being fast in opening our legs, it will stop reoccurring of our dates blackmailing us.

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