Northern coalition demands paradigm shift.

The Coalition of Northern Groups has expressed sadness that for close to six decades after Independence, Nigeria is still being held down by a class of leaders who have lost touch with modern realities.

Spokesperson of the CNC, Suleiman Abdulaziz, said this during a courtesy visit to the Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Trust, in the 2019 election, Gbanga Olawepo-Hashim, in Abuja, on Tuesday.

He said, “We want a Nigeria free from chaos. Sadly, we have leaders who have been there since independence.

These leaders have lost focus as it were, they have lost direction, we are certain they cannot lead us into the new world order.

“We assure all of us here that we are prepared to go ahead with any project that will bring about new thinking in Nigeria.

A complete paradigm shift from the old order to a new system that will create progress in Nigeria.“

Abdulaziz further explained that the visit to the former presidential candidate was in recognition of his capacity to build bridges.

“And one important thing about the north is that it is a region that has a lot of values, values of integrity which is highly appreciated in Northern Nigeria.

“We have a reservoir of culture and values. I’m very glad that you came, we are all for one United Nigeria, indivisible United and secured and a northern Nigeria where we will say bye, bye to poverty.”

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