Why will the Nigeria embassy in south Africa shut doors on Nigerians in south Africa saying they only deal with institutions?  That is the hight of insensitivity from the Nigeria Government.

  1. (Take note before reading,  power of supremacy in the world today, a black man placing white over herself, then white people still control a large chunk of South African economy)

The death toll of Nigerians killed in South Africa has continued to rise with the frequent xenophobic attacks between 2016 and 2019 as Nigeria government watch without doing anything.BEADYSWORLD4

The role of every Government is to provide for and protect and obviously you will agree with me that Nigeria Government has completely failed its citizenry home and abroad as estimates Statistics from  South Africa and the United Nations show that over 30,000 Nigerians live in South Africa. Data reveal that 137 Nigerians have been killed in three years, while 15 out of these were reportedly killed by South African police and 12 killed by the youth of South Africa.BEADYSWORLD6

Shame to  African leaders, ( EU, ECOWAS etc) If is their children, Children of all these elites in  Africa that are being killed in South Africa, as of now they would have acted without protocols when it concerns them, they act promptly but is an average Africans/Nigeria lives, all they do is speak grammar, drag feet. “WICKED  GENERATION”.BEADYSWORLD3 

South Africans should be educated that blacks are not their problems, that their problem is the failure of a black man  to feed for herself, the white investors over the years have withheld their money, they are no longer investing in Africa economy, so  life has been difficult, together with the fact that Nigerians are workaholic in nature, they can do anything even if is cleaning gutter, provided is pays their bills, unlike the South Africans who want things come to them easily, they should stop killing their own and look inward to build for themselves.

If they should attack? is the white who extort from them and pay them peanut, but fear of white by a black man generally, placing white over themselves has always brought transfer aggression to their fellow black, a result of what your seeing in South Africa today.

White supremacy over black.  Whites continue to play a Major Role in the South African economy and across the political spectrum.

The current number of white  from 1977 till today has increased, there were 4.3 million whitesconstituting 16.4% of White South Africans who own 72% seventy-two per cent of the land held by individuals now constitute about sixty per cent of South Africa’s wealth, but black South Africans still live in the culture of slavery can not confront them or salvage itself mentally so they the only  thing they have resulted to doing is vetting their anger to their black brothers(other Africa countries) when you check the undertone of their anger the white-south Africans has been behind it, unfortunately, the South African don’t know this.

As long as blacks have refused to salvage herself mentally, stop placing white over herself, a problem like this will always occur.


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