Nigerians demand the resignation of communication minister Isa Pantami for his support to terrorist group..

In one of his audio recordings, the minister once declared that he was always happy when infidels were massacred.

The calls for Nigeria’s minister of communication and digital economy Dr Isa Ali Pantami to resign over his past extreme religious views continued, Nigeria’s Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Isa Pantami, has come under fire over his alleged link with terrorist groups Boko Haram and Alqaeda.



concerned citizens have taken to social media to call for the minister’s resignation effective immediately, after a viral video recorded many years ago showed the minister engaging with the late Boko Haram leader, Mohammed Yusuf, in a public debate.

The video, which has been confirmed by the minister’s lawyer, Michael Numa, is the first of many pieces of evidence linking Pantami with acts of terrorism.

 Three audio recordings of the minister’s teachings in the 2000s, where the minister allegedly condemned the Nigerian Army’s incursion into Boko Haram strongholds, describing the insurgents as “our Muslim” brothers who did not deserve to be killed like pigs.

In another one of the audio recordings, the minister once declared that he was always happy when infidels were massacred.

In light of the new accusations facing the minister, Protesters call for his resignation, as the issues surrounding him call for immediate investigations.

At the same time, the protesters are also tasking the government to ensure access controls must be put in place immediately, and a complete sweep of sensitive citizens data must be done to ensure they aren’t being cloned or backed up somewhere asides from where they should Below are some tweets from the protesters online

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