The truth is that we have two sets of  youths in Nigerian,  our youths are divided into two, the first group 80% who live through their blood for survival in Nigeria and  second group 20% who drink out of the blood of this 80% with the help of their parents, Which group of  this youths is  Mr  President addressing,  

No matter the group according to his perception we need an open apology now.because his addresses a large number of youths with the perception of the little group in mind.

The truth is that people always talk base on the information available for them  or they are conversant with at the time of talking, so our president actually spoke base on the kind of youths he is used to, starting from his house, his children, because they actually cannot do anything on their own, they want things for free, but he, the president, does everything for them, am very very sorry oh, if this statement is by any way offensive but am just trying to make a clear point, hope I have been forgiven if I actually did.

The  80% which is the ordinary youths who what  they are is base on their struggles, they are self-made youths, self-built youths,  they are what they are today base on their own ingenuity, initiation, insight and fourth-sight, filled with go-getter spirit  and die heard Nigeria spirit in their blood  which enables them to survive anywhere no matter the condition or situation just as they are surviving in Nigeria or any other place they find  themselves, in them, is that spirit  of making something out of nothing, they are naturally  innovators  without minding that they lack enabling environment still they strive in live in a lifeless society called Nigeria, even due their leaders  have succeeded to brainwash some of them to kill for them, manipulate them into robbing peter to pay Paul, convince them with penny to steal our mandate for them and sell the ballot boxes for their own selfish interest, which they do with their last blood, it’s not an easy job for them but they are choice-less part of  this 80%  that is my story of Nigeria youths and that is the youths I know and among this 80% I belong because since I was born I have not gotten any thing or help  from my so called Nigeria Government. do they actually exist oh for themselves? well understood.

The  20% which is up-class youths, are the children of our  leaders, those who are what they are because of their parents influence, power, names and connection those whom their parents have succeeded in stealing our mandate  and  millions for, they now turn what is for  100% Nigerian youths for just 20% of them, they cannot do anything on their own or stand without the influence or interference of their parents, because they got where they are through  the  platform or ladder their parents have laid for them, But shame on our forbears who practically enjoyed free things with stress,  who got there by luck and lock the door and throw away the padlock, ranging from free education, health care, many of them where paid going to school is called bursary, they were in their villages when the letter of  sponshopiships and employments come calling on merit/competency  without them knowing anybody, today they reserver position, admission slot for their children  and grand children.

But that generation of my president who can easily talk down on youths who is not making life easy for my this youths generation has failed us and we demand an apology now.

Your generation failed us (am sorry to sound a bit loud). You all kept yourselves at the corridor of Power from Presidency to Local government chairman and kept your children enjoying what they can’t afford and find a way to Justify an unguided speech by a President that never provided jobs nor created an accessible SME system, rather busying overtaxing the struggle youths, sealing off self made investment of the same youths, is that not drinking from their blood, no food, no shelter etc for children of the Ordinary in my generation. Yet have the gut to say we Sit down to get things free? sure not the 80% youths he is refering to, were I belong but to the 20% were his children belong, you might be right for sure addressing the class of the youths where your children belong, you are talking about  the perception of the 20% you people have spoilt your heirs, your generation is doing everything for, who cannot do anything for themselves even to the extent of riding a common motor bike seflty or finding a life partner and planning the marriage ceremony, your generation  do all that for your children, your generation started this divorce trend in our society today because you handpick partners for your children, they have no life without your assistance, so you now think is so with all Nigerian YOUTHS, sorry to disappoint you mr president is not so! How much do free things these people seat down expecting as much as your own children enjoying same things and riding millions of a motorbike,  in Presidential jets?  travelling and sleeping in bed why their proposal is been written by the consultant are been signed money approved and deposited into their accounts for spending. you need to visit Abuja and see where these boys do car racing with millions of car that are packed on daily basis, a kind of a car I can not afford, for sure you are talking to your children and their likes.

The last time I checked, there are youths in the said category all over the world .even in our neighboring  village here… Go to , United States of America the last thing a youths can worry about is a meal a day or roof over his/her head, go to New York, yet their President have a system that gives them stipends and never will their president talk about them in such manner in an international conference it shows that we are worth nothing, unfortunately, he spoke about his children and their class.

But 70% of Nigerian youths as am writing this don’t know or are not sure of their next meal, no wonder their majority of youths conscience can easily be bought over, ask me, they say we all have prices is not our fault because the youths need to survive, no wonder an activist today can turn an adviser to the president or any Government officials  tomorrow and have a twist of tongue, no wonder majority of the  youths chase over crumbs from the leaders tables, you deliberately withhold it so they can continually come to your rescue, are you actually rescuing them or killing them gradually.

Am not really pissed at Mr president speech but am pissed at those people making excuses for him or trying to twist the speech for their own good or to buy favour, we want an inclusive government, where everyone gets equal treatment irrespective of who or who you know.

Anyone who said Nigeria youths are lazy and need things for free is an evil person because our elder is the ones getting everything for free today. so come out and apologize now.

if as a youth you are comfortable with this statement or finding a way to justify it, then you are the big fool. because I know my struggle every day in this country so am pained.

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