Nigerian-Americans has Been Rated The Most Successful set of people in America,  Common questions in the lips of most people is how can blacks from the poverty-driven nation and underdeveloped part of Africa be outperforming blacks from privileged America?

it is because they weren’t exposed to the Democrats ‘parasite of victimhood” Nigerian- American is the  most successful ethnic group in the listed states of America,

not just them alone, a quick peep into our urban cities in Nigeria (back Home) the act has a way of repeating  itself,   those born in urban area are so engrossed to their family/parents properties selling/parties,you will see the same thing repeating itself, a majority of those, that move from our rural areas tend to outperformed some of the people born and butter in the urban area who basically depend on their parents/guardian, tinted ground for them,  most of all these people from the rural area came tinted their own ground without, any referrers, connection unlike their counterpart that was born in town with every connection, referrers etc.  

Those that came from Nigerian to America/developed part of the world  or rural area to an urban area  where pushed /chase out, out of life hazed condition which mentally their mind has already been conditioned to come and change into a better life so to this

They work their asses off, you will see that all the legal immigrants from third-world countries do. same with some people from the rural areas of our big town in Nigeria.

“You’ll never see one of the folks from Nigerians or an Asian begging on a street corner or camped on the streets. only few who luck ran out of but working seriously to fix it, They believe in hard work,  so they WORK hard to advance and better their life even become a blessing to their families a home.”

Nigerians have moral values and have one thing or the other to pursue to give them an edge over others.

“they don’t take no for an answer or  see victimization as a limitation to their pursuit rather as an inspiration,

For them, criticism is a ladder for their growth why for America /those born and buttered in the city are easily breakdown by victimization and criticism.

My guest, I SPOKE WITH,  just said the problem in Nigeria gives them brian to survive by all means, so they don’t have any other choice rather than to struggle and make it there, knowing that no place for them in Nigerian.


At an Onyejekwe family get-together, you can’t throw a stone without hitting someone with a master’s degree. Doctors, lawyers, engineers, professors — every family member is highly educated and professionally successful, and many have a lucrative side gig to boot. Parents and grandparents share stories of whose kid just won an academic honour, achieved an athletic title or performed in the school play. Aunts, uncles and cousins celebrate one another’s job promotions or the new nonprofit one of them just started. To the Ohio-based Onyejekwes, this level of achievement is normal. They’re Nigerian-American — it’s just what they do.

Today, 29 percent of Nigerian-Americans over the age of 25 hold a graduate degree, compared to 11 percent of the overall U.S. population, according to the Migrations Policy Institute. Among Nigerian-American professionals, 45 percent work in education services, the 2016 American Community Survey found, and many are professors at top universities. Nigerians are entering the medical field in the U.S. at an increased rate, leaving their home country to work in American hospitals, where they can earn more and work in better facilities. A growing number of Nigerian-Americans are becoming entrepreneurs and CEOs, building tech companies in the U.S. to help people back home. hahahahahha

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