The Man behind Infotech Tv/Radio and online in Nigeria is at it again, Fonder Digivation and Executive Director Cecad,

Dr Bayaro Agabi set it hot as speakers and Guest deliberate for the success of NIGERIA DATA CLOUD. during,

A Cyber Africa’s Breakfast meeting on Data Center and Cloud Roundtable held at Oriental Hotel in Lagos this month, It all started when the two major speakers,  SICMACH  TECHNOLOGIES NIGERIA LIMITED  Charles Billyfrank  head of sales said that 90% of their DATA as a matter of security and efficiency  is saved with their international partners, a way of ensuring their clients, security and efficiency of  services and Galaxy Backbone emphasis on an Edifice in Abuja, capital of Nigeria.

The stress of on efficiency and security by SICMACH and Structure by Galaxy attracted the attention of many guest contributions all for greater nation.

Tope Dele-Oni of  Galaxy Back Bone said they have connected 13 States through its fibre optics cable aimed at enhancing both public and private sector organizations operations within the states. which sounds like a relief and hope for Nigerians,

Tope, added that GBB will be taking advantage of the huge potentials within the country to enhance its services.

According to Dele-Oni, GALAXY backbone currently hosts over 200 websites of public sector organizations. GBB’s Tier III Datacenter has never been down for a minute since its inception in 2008.

“Security is very key for us at GBB,  and we have invested in a Security Operations Centre that ensures Data hosted with us is protected at all times”, he added.

“ When you host your data with GBB, issues around power, cooling and all other world-class Data centre management challenges are all well covered by our services”, he added.

Dele-Oni said though GBB had initial challenges in getting government agencies to patronize it, that has since been changed as some of the leading security outfits have signed on to its services.

Galaxy Backbone was set up to harmonize government processes, promote data sovereignty across the country and secure government processes and connect public institutions under one national infrastructure.

Earlier, the Founder of Cyber Africa on Radio, Television, Online and Print, Dr Bayero Agabi, said that the Breakfast meeting was part of series of events to mark the 10th anniversary of the platform.

He, However, said that the focus on data centre was to call attention to the importance of data localization in the nation which he said can only be possible if,   a spirit of    collaboration is imbibed and GOVERNMENT creating an enabling environment for private sectors to drive smoothly by reviewing its policies etc,

Our submission:

Data has always been life, next world most valued access, Data is like oil for business. Valuable, plentiful, and useful across a range of applications, analytics, and machine saving 90% of our life in the hands of others meaning giving them our life to live and decide for us.

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