She said the demand is blood-sucking and society destroying! Hmmmmmm and does not care much about their want rather the society continually sells what they need to them.

The rate of pressure our youths  faces is becoming too much to the level that, majority of them has given up their blood to satisfied, relatives both immediate, extended even friends and society  still not yet to satisfy them after giving up all within them,even their blood, they are left with a lot of responsibility to shudder with nothing left for them to leverage on as a refill.   A PITY GENERATION. 

The irony of this, is that the majority of those young adults in this range, who are faced with these challenging, all grow all, from empty, meaning nothing struggling      to find their feet yet clutching a lot of loads which continually pulls them down, some managers to pull through, why some goes down trying to lift others, what a pity, The rate of pressure our youths are faced is becoming too much to the level that majority of them, youths have given up their blood to satisfied, relatives, both immediate and extended even friends still yet to satisfy them after giving up all even their blood, they are left with a lot of responsibility to shudder with nothing left for them to leverage on, they all assume POSITIONS, parenthood before the time, breadwinners,  ,it all starts from the family circle,     from an early age, everybody wants you to satisfy their individual requirements, well-crafted standard set out for the young adult to follow, They have your life all mapped out for you and with a must do clause attached to their self-serving schemes.
They placed a Targets on you, imposed some certain standard and expectation on you – targets you must meet before attaining a certain age societal accepted by all; when off-target by their ludicrous standards, they sell you the notion that you’re now a complete failure and has brought shame to your clan.
They told you that family is everything, hmm to the detriment of your own life,       if truth family is everything, if really family is everything, how on earth would they live their own life and expect to live your own life as well, surfing life out of us, forcefully, who then lives our life, oh, our life should be wrapped and throw away, not to be lived, many young adults, are stifled by  family toxic air, on a daily basis. unfortunately, many strength has gone out of them without refilling, they are left empty with their shadows staring at them, low self-esteem, powerless will power to shoulder up challengings of life, no wonder, the majority cannot withstand difficulties of this age.

You can’t breathe when you’re in their midst, talk, walk or do things your own way, it must be their own way, diminish what’s left of your dignity those young adult opinion is not important, family comes first.
The young ladies are forced into early marriages that they’re not close to being ready for just because that is what they want for them, she must be married to be accepted into the society regardless her feelings no one asks you what you want, simply because you want is irrelevant. you are constantly reminded on what you need to do to measure up.
Their young boys adult is being pushed into manufacturing wealth at all costs, no one cares how you get it, just get it, to measure up, Yahoo-yahoo is a societal scourge today created by family greedy, because of family pressure; the pressure to outpace yourself.
Majority of them run away from home to meet up with family expectations,              but not far from them emotionally, you can’t detach yourself from them no matter how far you run, they continuously monitor and remote you and your life.
Those depressing calls from home, not aimed at encouraging your passion or your person nither supporting you since family is said to be everything but , just a loudly reminder about somebody’s son , daughters achievement, who parked a different         cares, built houses, gotten married ,       have children       , travelled abroad,      bought their parents house, wrappers in their compound, village, because majority of them are just concern about their need and aim to achieve through you, never cared to ask questions on how you are feeling, doing, getting along with challenging of life rather quick to remind you how some certain age is creeping up on you, age like 30 years you must marry, to raise children,40years menopause is by the Conner, 50years oh why not just have a child anyhow, anyway, age is not on your side, to secure your future, family name should not be wasted, look at this person, look at that person without considering your, wants, need strength and weakness etc.

So many people want to use you to make up for their lifetime mistake and failures, what they failed to achieve putting heavy load on you, or position they failed to attain, they now expect, wants to attain it through you, course you should read, the job you should do, man/woman you should marry, the money they could not make, all expect you to in a bit is now over stretching you, in total, your life as a young adult is reduced to an item used in competing against your family’s image rivals. , all this is done through programming, then every young adult is well programmed to live-in that pressure life, no wonder, yahoo yahoo, prostitution, runs, wrong marriages, unhappy life,  divorce, evil politicians, marriage for money not for love, ritualist etc all rules our world today. Unfortunate those defiant are seen as failures because they want to live their life but society labels them failures, unfortunately, the majority of those defiant is the more fulfilled ones in the society today.

Is all the failure of general society.




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