Is either you are a happy person or not, marriage can only increase for you what you already have, be it, happiness or bitterness. what are you bringing to the table? most people focuses on their  sex life, oh am a woman with good body, am ready to give him good sex, oh am a man with good stamina, i will  sex her well,  in entering marrige that way they faill woafully. The truth is that unhappy man or woman is before marriage is a bomb waiting to explode in marriage.

The lies women live with, that without marriage they can’t be happy or  have self-value, that something must be wrong with them for having not been able to attract a man for keeps, as a husband, maybe she, as a woman has a (problem)  bad character or spiritual problem, a marine husband or being pursued from the village, the popular one,” okwu” which is  stopping her physicaly husband, lol  the religious sector now capitlized on it,( in destroying many into beliveling that without marrige they cant have a fulfilled life or happy life ) because, she is beautiful, for those who believe that marriage can happen because of,  out- world beauty /character, the majority feels single women are more heartless, wicked or have  unforgiven heart, as a result of emptiness they feel by being alone, hahahah, what a thinking,  or that a man is a woman’s crown, so without a man in your life as a husband, you are incomplete and many women are strongly living with this lie,  now struggling to have a man not to have a husband, because having a man and having a husband is totally different from what is happening in our world today. , SOME MEN ARE CALLED, “MENWOMEN” SOME ARE CALLED “THIS” LOL, LET ALONE WE NOW MARRY FOR BENEFIT, SO WHERE IS THE HAPPINESS COMING FROM. all lies, your happiness depends on your and your maker.

Many have been fed with lies. That they need a partner, husband or wife to be happy in life, a way of distorting the truth of life, which says,  am the truth, the way and the light, so in my part of the world, men have succeeded in exchanging self with Gods position, you no longer need God to be happy rather is your fellow human,(HUSBAND/WIFE) Some women after the so-called marriage majority of them are dying in bitterness, loneliness, why, you  can’t ask me that question, rather you answer it. Ignorant of the highest order.

The only thing everyone needs to be happy in life is to be acclimatized with self, discovering who you are and what you are on this earth for and you can’t achieve that without coming in terms with your original source, pending on what you believe in, being it God or be it whatever thing. but for me, God is my source. for me, marriage can be sweet if only I found love, then it varies from person to person.

Any man or a woman who is not happy before finding a life partner is a disaster waiting to explode, they apparently become a big problem for themselves and their partners, self-happiness is a necessity for the success of a good marriage,no wonder the book of Genesis said the first purpose of marriage is for companionship, two hearts coming together for a purpose, not two bodies, note!

Remember marriage compliment us and not complete us, those who wait for marriage to be complete no wonder, they put much pressure on their partners,  messing up everything for themselves, their partner and others around them, it will now become a community issue, God forbid that your marriage will become a community issue, oh it surely will, if you don’t build up yourself now, or know why you are going into it, happiness is one of the things people bring into marriage, not expecting out of marriage, because each and every one of us, have different challenges in this short world,  systematically, are you a bride to be or groom to be, you are expected to be at a certain level of frequencies, stable wise, which give happiness, so as to enable your partner to increase it, your happiness, that is why you hear people say oh, you are glowing,, but when your partner has to start from elementary level to upgrade your stablity level/ happiness, no wonder most marriages is a showdow of itself today, remember no one gives what he or she does not have.

The truth is that marriage is good  and a wonderful thing if find in the right way,     (RIGHT FOUNDATION) with right reason, that is God’s plan for most people, I cannot say all, because we have noms, priest etc, Enoch, self-made Enochs either by nature or by circumstances   and born Enoch,  the truth is that Satan has twisted the  truth about marriage by suggesting to us, mostly women that the purpose of marriage is for personal happiness and fulfilment, and then, we cannot be truly happy without a partner, mainly husband, lies from the pit of hell, to love them, and meet their wonder most ladies are wasting in waiting for a man to come to fix them,

please, earlier you find self, build your self-esteem and discover self-worth better for you for a great marriage and wonderful society.

even help themselves and their husband because when you are depending on your happiness on someone, you will automatically become a burden to yourself and to your partner, the husband in question,

because they forgot that God created them in his own image, and God images are as well as getting self-worth, and when you realize that your views about you and marriage will automatically change,  you will be free from trying to get your needs met through a man’s love and acceptance, you will become a strong women rooted in God your creator.  happiness naturally occurs.

Once they have husband, many women start to believe a variation of this lies, my husband is supposed to make me happy, only after years of heartache will they now recognize the folly of this way of thinking, Reason many problems in our home front today,

The truth is that the ultimate purpose of marriage is not to make us happy, but to glorify God, women who got married for the purpose of finding happiness are setting themselves up for almost  certain disappointment, they seldom find what they are looking for, why we still have great singles with happiness, but society like our doubt it but is pure true.

women who believe that they have to have a husband in order to be happy often settle for less than the best that God intended for them, the majority of them live in bondage, caged.

majority of the woman so much believe that they needed a man in their life to be happy forgetting that the first thing they need in life is discovering self, building their self-esteem, having a relationship with their maker and last find out their purpose in life. to have a good relationship/ marriage,

To, find happiness, discover who you are, are are you on earth for, your purpose and try to know your love language, as we have,

5 Different love Language

1, Words of affirmation

2, Acts of services

3, Receiving a gift

4, Quality time

5, Physical Touch.

Knowing each other’s allows respect and there cannot be happy if there’s no respect for individual difference values and personality.

By nature as a woman, every woman is a builder,  so you need as a matter of urgency to know your love language so you can be able to build, guild your man since we live in a society that doesn’t train their men, still, allow them a lot of responsibility. to mess up so many things,  no wonder we are faced with so many problems in our home front,

knowing our love language helps us know why we feel like we are not on the same page yet under the same roof, sleeping in the same bed, making out with each other, no wonder they say marriage is a prison where two enemies are forced to be together against their wish,

The most common issues in any relationship are the communication barrier, everyone experience love differently, knowing your love language and your partners own, will surely help and sustain, a love-filled relationship which I am an advocate of, love.

Remember money is good, but the greatest weapon in life is love, work for money and earn love naturally, you can’t buy real love.


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