MOST  CHALLENGING SET  BACK MOST OF US EXPERIENCE  IN LIFE MOSTLY ARE OUR MENTAL OBSTACLE. If we can look within our inner being and check very well, what is it and asked this

If we can look within our inner being and check very well, what is it and asked this vitally important question, which is,

WHAT IS ACTUALLY HOLDING US, ME BACK? hmmmmm, deep! but it will help.

what is keeping me from becoming whom I want to become in life or doing that I want to do, attaining the height i want to attain in life or being where I wish to, desire to be. .

If I can be sincere and tell my self the truth of life by asking that question and answer it sincerely, I will be able to identify within my inner self, the key constraints.









That might be holding me back from becoming whom i want to become.

The major problem is more of  MENTAL, the problems are more psychological and emotional, they are more within us than around us, let’s stop chasing shadows

One of the major reasons we have friends/families/relatives that we all grew up in ghetto/village suburb or from poor parents, but within a short while, they left us there, into a better life or to the world they wanted for themselves and we still have people who had a better life by birth but could not maintain it, the difference is that both of them (one deal with the mental picture of life while the other did not) is all in us, so lets stop looking outside and look inward. all we seek dwells in us, fish it out and use it.

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