Are men really simple, a question, someone just asked me now, the question that is seeking for an answer. hmmmmmm

What you should know is that, in life,dealing without spoken (vocal) people,not flippant people o. is easy than dealing with quiet people, because you don’t know where to start from with quiet people, That is actually the nature of men, they don’t actually show, who or what they are, but if you are sensitive and observant you will know the nature of men, with outspoken person, you could know where to start from, is easy to feel their purse, but the other way round is difficult that is the case of men.


Now I asked, is it because most people said, my growing up days, I was what they call (tom-boy ) or because 7 out of 10 people among my friends are guys or because am in a men dominated industry now (my job), wait a little, could it be because my mother told me, she was expecting to have a baby boy then came (I) this beautiful woman that write today.

An average man wants what he wants and that he wants to him is final. hmmmmmmm. and without making noise. he can go extra miles to get it, yes, suffersI said extra miles, that’s men for you. That’s for real men because a good number of (men be ) don’t even know what they want, they just go with what is available, and that is why you find them being unhappy and people around suffer it.

This is as a result of our belief system, what we believe a man should be and should become, has helped us in grooming, Moulding them into what they are today, we thought them from child hood and as an adult, that system never changed.

Remember how we often remind them that they are men, as a man, you are supposed to do this, do that, could it be that?

Men by nature, we are not talking about ego here, men are intimidating, he wants to rule, he wants to lead and  he wants every one to know , recognizes, hear about him and respect him even his fellow men.should i said even the one who dont have the quality of leadership or the ability, want to lead, just because he is a man, our believe system, Work towards that and we raise them in that direction, so we should not blame them.

A man focuses on

1, Who he is …… do you know whom i am?

2, What he does…….. this is the way i do my thing

3, What he achieved……these are my achievements

4, Then his achievements…….am still achieving……oh my God

These you will see in every area of his life, starting from his personal life, work, relationship, family  etc

Once a man feels he is in the right direction towards accomplishing or finding his part in life, towards those above things, there is, this thing that ignites life in him that comes alive. you see him living.

The truth of life is that most men like making a statement with who he is, how he does his thing, through his achievement , then count on in a soft way that no one knows or will even suspect he is making a statement unless you look properly.

So it beats my imagination when people say men are simply, yes men can be simply when they have achieved these things or are very sure of achieving them, that is when you will enjoy the side of every man in your life or around you because he is sure of himself.

No wonder women are still having issues with men, any man who wants a woman, like  her, love her, and want to be with her and who have achieved all these things, will for sure be the best man in the world,

But if he has not achieved all these things and he’s not sure of his direction in life, am sorry to tell you that you don’t really know the man you claim you know, yes you don’t. he is still DANGLING!

Every man wants to be the centre of Cynosure, he wants his family, woman to know he is the best man in the world, without showing it, living it, or even you suspecting it. you can only feel it, is there for the eyes to see.


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