Both are human and as a human, they feel, love and care in their own way, note that,
Everyone is different yes, everyone feels and cares in different ways too. You cannot, and I repeat cannot put the entire world in one simple idea or better still is wrong to generalize things. There’s a lot of things that make each person different our personality, education, religion, culture, norms, ideas, ideals, our own way to feel something, etc., etc.
We all feel and love in different and special ways! So it might be wrong to generalize who love most here.
It’s wrong and unnecessary for both genders, but I am here to make a strong point that most people have always been afraid to make for clarification and easy understanding of our world and who we are, more especially for easily co-existence.
A woman’s love is deeper and more intense on an emotional and psychological level than that of a man in the level of 0 over 100, women love most, maybe because they are emotional beings, is not really easy for men to love but for a few men who do, when they do, they can truly love for life,  even supers most women, but is not a common thing for men, maybe because, men are physically being why women are emotionally being.
A woman is more capable of love than a man.

A man’s love is more or less a physical necessity; a woman love is not. It is something greater and higher, it’s is a spiritual experience. That’s why the woman is monogamous and man is polygamous.  The men would like to have all the worlds women, and still, he would not be satisfied. His discontent is infinite. “what” yes!
No wonder they said men are natural hunters, always hunting and hopping from one spot to another which feed their egos.

Then Overlooking the inner feeling of their partner, the emotional trauma they put their women truly, each time they hop from one spot to the other, still in return expecting full respect from that same woman, what an irony of life. like a men friend once told me that sex to him means nothing, what!! but that’s true, that’s men for you, his not lying but for women, it means everything, her life, her everything. so be careful when taking it. if you can’t keep it well.
Woman standard of love is higher than the standard of man’s love. Her whole body needs love. It is not sexuality. Her whole body is orgasmic. That’s why there is tremendous trouble.

The man comes to orgasm quickly – within two minutes – and the woman has not even started. Her whole body has to become ready, ecstatic. Her whole body has to join the dance. Only then she feels orgasmic. She is more interested in hugging, in being close to you, in the warmth of your body. She wants to be surrounded by men’s love, she wants to surround men with her love, men who don’t understand this often said she is choking me, sorry is her nature.
In the present days where relationships have become more of showcases and very much dependent on luxuries, physical looks, attraction and benefits. But there still exists true love with real commitment, we value material things more than what we feel, our inner quest. tell yourself the outcome.
Women have always been the bedrock of any love /relationship but,is like their effort has always been thrown at their faces, making them retracing their steps, a look at the happenings around our society today, still, that vacuum exists in them, no matter her strong they try to present themselves to be or feel.
Today’s women have greater access to education and employment than women did in the past,(you can say we have many empowered women today) “should we then stop it for a better society? hahaha no! but our men should understand this paradigm shift” then go along with it. the women of your grandmothers are quite different from the women of today. their needs and want differs.
Majority of women now have knowledge of their right in search of their self-worth, a significant part of them that was taken away from them in the parts they are reclaiming it, that automatically has been taken away from them in the past, and may be less likely to see love as life for them as is supposed to be or as is created to be for them. no wonder majority of them try to fill up that gap with their offspring’s.

Such women who have shifted their emotions can be so deadly try not mess around with emotionally shifted women.
Although structural inequality persists, relationships between men and women – or men and men, or women and women, etc. – theoretically have better chances of proceeding on an equal footing.
But nevertheless, many cultural portrayals of love in their own way yet, continue to depict it as a game between unequals – as conquest or domination, seduction or entrapment – where the boundaries are drawn along distinctly gendered lines. Such dynamics, on Beady view, make authenticity in love impossible – but why?
What Love Meant for Men versus Women.

The problem with the dominant paradigms of love was that they were not reciprocal. Men expected women to give themselves in love in ways that were not mutual. Consequently, love was dangerous for women in ways that it was not dangerous for men, woman are expected to given in their 100% some even more for the love to work, why nothing is really expected from men putting too much weight on women which many of them wish to lay off their shoulders these days.
She did not lay the blame for this exclusively at the feet of men. Women, too, perpetuated the oppressive structures of non-reciprocal love through participating in it. But it was hard not to because the world was structured in a way that enticed them to consent to their own oppression. thought authenticity was possible in relationships that were reciprocal – and hoped it would become more widespread. ‘The day when it will be possible for the woman to love in her strength and not in her weakness, not to escape from herself but to find herself, not out of resignation but to affirm herself, love will become for her as for man the source of life and not a mortal danger. Authenticity in love,  involves both parties recognizing that their beloved is free, and appreciating him- or herself as a subject – as a person in his or her own right. When two free people appreciate themselves independently and agree about what it means to love each other, they love authentically: they can create meaning together as a couple in reciprocal love.
But until that time – as long as women are encouraged to be devoted to the opposite sex at the expense of their own persons – ideals of love would perpetuate injustice. Love promised salvation, said, but all too often what women got in the name of love was a living hell.
No wonder majority of women today are looking out for an alternative route to the inner peace that true and authentic love offers them, but where will this route lead us to, if our men keep putting this more load on our women, your guess is as good as mine.

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