Because most of us, don’t see beyond our

B visuals now, immediate situation, environment and our present  condition, we  undermine our potentials, our ability, our power, our untapped strength and capabilities dormant in us, couple with this age of immediate gratification then we fail to know the power and strength we possess towards maximizing our potentials, to rule our world, our own way.

Only because we are not ready to endure pains

then we leverage on other peoples life, deceiving ourselves

The potential is the inner power we have, possess, yet to be revealed, that power waiting to be unleashed and maximized for our own and our generation’s good.

The word, impatience and fear:

Have rubbed us off this opportunity together with the digital world which is fast exchanging destiny for their own good, you only need self-identity to stay in-line and take that which is yours.

let’s take a leaf on the bible where it started with the world, in Genesis 1 v 28 down.

Be fruitful, and multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over everything living and moving upon the earth,

The purpose of this verse was completed when God said let’s make man in our own image, he also said  greater of these things am  doing we will do,hmmmm on my understanding by God’s intent,   has been forgotten and neglected  by mankind mostly African man who has forgotten who he is, or fail to maximize his/her potentials  no wonder our religious mindset only directs us to procreation whenever we read or hear this verse of ” being fruitful” what a shameful world that we cannot even feed what we procreate, ( babies we make)  is it not a shameful act.

Being fruitful, multiplying etc is far greater than just procreation of fellow human( making babies) but creating your world into what you want it to be, and is very impossible to create such world if you fail to discover your potential, activate it so as to maximize it for self and others  use,

and to deal with this, one has to deal with fear, fear is a thing of the mind that never exist, and imbibe patience, ready to endure having in mind that no good things come easily. forget this immediate gratification world that is exchanging our right into our wrong.




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