life is a personal thing!

Once in  life, one has to make a grab for mortality, if not one has not lived

If one thinks he/she can, one can and if one thinks he/she can not the person cannot, is all about what you think. [ OUR THINKING]

Those who believe in themselves, believe in their own decision and leave aside those who don’t believe in their decisions, ideas, ideology and dreams.

They pay no attention,  concern to those who don’t share their point of views, they demonstrate such ideas in their confidence through their ideas, actions, moves and thinking, that the fear of failure which goes with others motivate them and help them not to be in the same line with others. This they do that makes a lot of people think, they have the key to life SUCCESSES because they don’t fear, FAILURE, not that, they don’t fear, but they confront their fear head-on, which helps them conquer a lot.

They refuse to go by the  group or stay with the mediocrity, they refuse to act by the law which says, it must be this way because it has always been this way, this singular actions or act of them,  makes people or the world think, that there is something they know that others don’t know  Hmmmmmmm!

They don’t know rather they are set of people who understand life their own way  and want and wish to live their life, which they do by creating their own life, or living their own life not the life created for them by the crowd, they do things their own way, by shunning the popular opinion, those are ones, who always have their way out of life difficulties, hmmm, funny enough, they even have more challenges of life than others, because they  can survival failure after failures and failures and still radiate, “TO THEM”they are failures confronters!

Failing becomes part of  life, not a problems, they are not afraid of failing, because in  their mind, their destination  is already fixed at the end result which is what the failure will provide to them, I must win. Yes winning. to them is at the other side of failure.

They know they are going to win, because they know they can do it, so failures  of life should not tell them, they can’t do it. or that they can’t win or try to stop them from getting to their destination.

To them that is a contrary view,  already their mind is that they can do it and they want to do it and will do it, it does not matter how long, it takes, that is, why, they write their own book of life, as they go on it, they enjoy THEM,

The Cruz,

The failure

 The journey

Whatever life’s throws at them, they use it as a resources of life, why we consider most achievers  as people with seriousness personality.  because they do things as part of life, not work.

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