Is left for you to turn the life unfairness to you, to fairness or else you will live a life of a complainant all through your days.

life is not fair should be an outdated phrase for every individual who wishes to live a life of completion,  than dwelling on things that cannot be changed by wasting your precious time and life. we on our own screw-up selves by over expecting or already picture ideas of what life should be without finding out who we are.

Please, learn to develop a thick skin towards issues and challenged of life,  go on  with life with joy, learn to shake off, accept the one you can and live with the ones you cannot with a positive attitude,  life is all about our mindset/ attitude and how we handle it, no particular individual on this planet earth who don’t have one or two challenges that they are dealing with,  without going through some challenges we might miss our goldmine, sometimes it sharpens us or help in refocuses us for our better life so always learn to face your challenges with good faith.

Life is not fair, life is not fair, Expecting too much out of life is also being unfair to live itself, apparently, life will never be fair to you, that is why it is called life get used to it with focus on what you want to make it fair.

it’s you that will make it fair with your attitude, body disposition and how you accept or approach it, earlier you understand and assimilate it that way, it will help and direct you better in life, then you will come out of life triumphantly.

Two major statement I so much hate in life from people are these,

!, why me? why her/ why him!

who should it be and it will be fine and better, oh that person that God did not great abi, now I get you, the low life people abi, oh the rich people that you have grudges against that they have taken all the money meant for you and them alone not so?  sorry, it came to you because is made for you so face it and deal with it. use it for your good or for your bad is your choice simple.

Stop being Nigerian, blaming gamers looking for who to blame instead of tackling it, Diverse a solution to your problem rather than sobbing out your life away.

2, Is always expecting that everyone should like, admire you hey!

Sorry is your other name,  look here, no matter how good perfect you are there is always one, even more, person (s)  who hate you for no reason just as someone somewhere is loving and going crazy about you for even your bad nature and attitude so shake it out.

So learn to accept life and change the ones you can change immediately with all your strength and live with the once you cannot change that way, life is not by force, easy goes the journey only then happiness emerges.

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