Lawyer Whose Wife Died While Chasing Him And His Sidechic Lands In Comma

A Calabar-based lawyer, Barrister Sunny Bassey, whose wife reportedly died in a car accident while chasing his car is said to be in a state of coma resulting from the shock that followed his wife’s death.

It would be recalled that Clara Bassey (an Igbo lawyer) reportedly monitoring her husband’s movement with his side chick died along the Murtala Muhammed Highway, Calabar when her car veered off the road into a ditch.

Her husband, unaware that his wife had spotted him and was chasing his car, drove off without knowing what had happened until he later got the news.

Speaking about the incident, a family friend of the couple on condition of anonymity, told newsmen that Bassey fell into a coma as a result of the shock of his wife’s death.

She added that Bassey regretted his actions and the feeling of guilt appeared to have overwhelmed him.

The source said, “We learnt that because of the shock the man went into a coma, and some of his friends got him out of the house with the kids because he cannot be alone, being that not quite long he suffered from a stroke.”

She added that his health condition has deteriorated since the incident, but his family members are trying to help him survive so he can take care of his little children.

Explaining the drama that led to her death, the source told Whistler, “Though I am not acquainted with the wife and the side chick, but, the husband attends Lawyers Weekend Workouts with my husband, which sometimes I used to attend since they are allowed to bring their spouses.

 “He is a complete gentleman at first sight and looks responsible. But to my amazement, he’s caught up in this shit. 

“To cut the story short, the man was in his usual Joint, which is beside SPAR, a friend’s Joint of course, where he used to go even with his side chick.

The wife too used to drop by at the joint to join her husband. The owner of the Joint is an Igbo guy who is also a lawyer and from the same tribe as Bassey’s wife, but Bassey’s friend. Bassey himself is from Calabar.

“At the Joint, any time the man is with the side chick, on spotting the wife coming and trying to park in the parking lot, the side chick always excuses the man and moves over to the next table, and some of his friends will join him with no trace of suspicion. 

“Although the wife was aware of his cheating habit and had been complaining badly. 

“But this fateful day, when leaving the joint together, they were already seated in Bassey’s car, still in the parking lot, and the wife just zoomed in. On spotting her, the husband manoeuvred his way towards the SPAR and went in through one of the gates and immediately zoomed off and headed towards the highway.

“The infuriated wife sped up and engaged the husband in a hot chase. Then on reaching Atekong Drive, the husband swiftly branched in and zoomed off, the wife on reaching the same spot at such a speed, lost control and went off down a small ditch and hit a tree and a small concrete.”

Clara reportedly died on the spot and her husband only heard about it later and hurriedly dropped off the side chick before going back to the accident scene.

“On sighting his wife’s lifeless body, he started crying, begging her to forgive him and to please come back to take care of their three boys. 

“The wife was later moved to the mortuary, and as of Wednesday, some of my husband’s colleagues went to pay him a condolence visit, but on reaching there, the place was on lock and key.”

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