………Without knowing that without have gone through that lean of life, they will not be where they are today, what they went through in life,  build their confidence in them and in God, character, endurance, hope, trust and patience to strive more out of life etc

In spite of all these, only a few of us can defend our certificate, if you asked me today, I will tell you that most of that certificate we carry about, that is deceiving us, are all ordinary papers, which many of us are carrying about answering names, just to fulfilled the battered dreams of our parents.

My grand Mother, her blessed memory was very intelligent woman and has not seen the four-walls of class room, said, we get intelligent at home while brilliancy can be bought with money. I laugh then, now i know better.

Many of us today lack intelligence, but in pursuit of brilliancy, and what can brilliancy do for us without intelligence, that is where you and I are today.(many are suffering for the mistakes of few)

A man with good intelligence can survive better than a man with brilliance.

Members of Grade 1 cared for their parents and children, they have regards for humanity but Grade 2 is still struggling to find their feet at age 30 and. This is because their parents practically did everything for them,

Starting from:

Getting Schools for them, getting spouse for them, preparing for their marriage and hosting/arranging it, paying house rent for them, buying cars for them, getting/securing jobs opportunity for them, getting house help for them, booking for flight ticket for them, buying property for them, and making decisions for them, the worst is speaking/thinking for them hey!. uwa

Tenacity of  character the grade 2 group have lost, They find it difficult to do things on their own because they are used to being helped to think and doing things by their parents who claim they love them, patience/endurance they don’t have, but directly or indirectly they have  destroyed  them, which is the grade 1 parents, that was produced by poor clueless parents base on our own assumption!, We assume that our grandfathers are no nothing.

So they can’t help themselves, their parents or the society. they are found of moving in to already made things. sorry, in my part of the world, this people are groomed to lead us, hahahahahah

My take is that the grade 1 generation where not fair, to the grade 2 generation. yes, i have said it and will still say it.

The grade 1 even with the little to their parents disposition, they  had, saw and see life, but have totally refuse their children which is grade 2 group, to see/have and view life the way they did.

Their parents help them to grow in wisdom, intelligence and strength, but they have refuse to give what was freely given to them  by their own poor parents to their own children, so what do you call that?

The parents they called poor, local un-educated parents produced the best but today could you tell me what they are producing, look at us! even at their age they are still standing/ and doing things for their children.

many are afraid of dying because no one is in the obi .hmmmmmm what a life.

They had friends, and got their wife/husband by being on the street, street wise was part of their life, growing up, they developed confidence in themselves and in God with street independent/ wise and intelligence, they can easily deduct from good to bad or from nice to not nice by free relating with people but no to their own children to the grade 2 group.

Today their parents, The grade 1 cage them, the grade 2,but my questions is, have they actually been able to cage them? yes they have only their bodies, but not their soul/mind/spirit, in the name of love.

Making and turning us into robots, oh what did I just said, unconsciously, we view life in the side of immediate gratification, because grade 2 don’t know what their parents went through to make things/life work for them, they want life, now and now, irrespective of what it cost. humanity means nothing to them. posterity is a thing of the past.



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