Lady hit father of her children to death with shoe heel over infidelity.

The Police have arrested a lady who allegedly killed the father of her children in Ugbuwangwe area of Warri South local government area, Delta State.
A Lady hit  her father of her children to death with a high-heeled shoe in Warri, Delta State
this happened on Saturday, in Warri, Warri Local Government Area of Delta State, she hit him with the heel of her shoe over allegation of infidelity, killing him in the process.
It was gathered that the incident happened at about 11:00 a.m, close to the community’s town hall.
Reports revealed that the man, identified as Etsebanghanro Ighomi, was a father-of-two and member of the Ugbuwangue community executive.
The couple had been engaged in a misunderstanding over alleged infidelity on the part of the man, the deceased which was said to be a reoccurring thing that keeps bringing problems for the couple, the couple are not  legally or traditionally married before his death.
We learnt that the woman had approached her husband on a new issue on infidelity but not getting a convincing response,  led to hitting her husband with her where shoe heel in the back of his head from behind.
The husband fainted and began to foam from his mouth and died on their way to the hospital.
A witness disclosed that the woman is currently being held by the police.

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