They say the best way to teach a child is to do what you want the child to do, children learn by what they see! not by saying it, could it be the reason jungle justice is taking the lead role in our society today? Are our leaders leading right? what have our children been feed with, what have they gotten use to seeing ort is it that they have lost hope on the Government that they have decided to take laws by their hands, what else, when they spare the evil men, celebrate them and destroy the good men, but even as that what about self-love no wonder our Colonia masters did not teach us self-love, one reason we don’t feel for each other, hatred runs in our blood  that is exactly what they are exhibiting today out to us and to ourselves? the heartless society who can not imagine the pains his/her brother/sister is going thru.

A few years ago, we have to deal with issues of not having regards for human lives in African, but today having the youths easily taking the law into their own hands.because the law has failed them, they can’t wait for long stories.
What could that be, are they losing faith in their leaders or a way of exhibiting their inner pains.
Are our leaders, Leading/living by action or are they saying a different thing and doing it differently.

manipulations of the mind.
My big question is this, why do the poor, hate themselves so much, is it that, the rich incite them against each other, with tokens, that they have to easily stand up to judge and kill one another so easily, that is feeling the same thing, he/she feels, but quick to celebrate their major problems and eulogize them to top heavens only for crumbs from their tables .
Could this be the result of our today’s propaganda that has found its way to African leadership and terrain?

Wait for these same youths, or poor people you are inciting after each other, I promise you sooner or later they will come after you and your children, don’t think you have things in control when the time will come remember this write up.

Where they tell us what we want to hear, but doing different things.

“Hungry youths killed 7years old for stealing garri to survive,  a hungry person like them without looking back, ” same youths that are hungry I cry for my continent,

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