IPOB Did Not Kill Gulak, Hope Uzordimma knows what happened to Gulak.

Rumore has been escalating that Ahmed Gulak was murdered by Governor Hope Uzodinma of Imo state and co, but because, Hope Uzordima is a member of the ruling party APC, who has been doing their bid in the southeast, the Government has decided to shift their attention of The governor who Gulak came to visit in Imo state to IPOB member,

Could this be purely a smokescreen to justify their long-awaited plan to declare another special military operation in the Eastern region to kill more innocent Biafrans?

Nigeria police should be questioning the governor, why Gulak should leave his hotel room without an escort, without informing his host.

The protea management should be answering some questions,

why haven’t Governor whose friend visited and died made a statement.

If actually, the 11 IPOB members that were killed as the culprit, those who police claimed killed Gulak, why killing them without concluding investigation?,  it is unprofessional in investigating, cutting off a source of information, killing them means Imo state Government and Nigeria Police are hiding something.

The uber driver should be answering why he disappeared without going to make a proper report to the police immediately until he was sort after, the Uber driver who was able to describe the colour, model and year of the vehicle why in shock should be questioned.

The money in his possession, who gave it to him and the way about of the money as of the time of his death and what the money is meant for all these all question seeking for answers but Nigeria Government are quick to label ipob the killer.

Why has he been a frequent visitor to Owerri, Imo state but hate has beclouded the sense of investigation of Nigeria police and Government just because of their target, ipob.

On Sunday, Imo State Police Command spokesman, Bala Elkana, had said armed bandits murdered the former presidential aide, not IPOB, this is the man on the ground in Imo state but 24hours later Elkana later recanted his earlier remark due to pressure from Government just to frame up the member’s of IPOB,

The story has it that;
Gulak was instrumental in installing  Uzodinma as the Governor of Imo State. Uzodinma undertook to pay ten billion Naira to Gulak for the hack job.

Find some relation by Nigerians and journalist.

Ever since Uzodinma ascended the seat of power in Douglas House Owerri, he had been avoiding Gulak.
The efforts to collect the dirty money had reached a crisis point that Gulak had to undertake his final journey to Owerri.
Upon arrival, Uzodinma lodged Gulak in Protea Hotel Owerri, the same hotel from where he rigged Imo APC Gubernatorial primaries in favour of Uzodinma.

Uzodinma could not meet his financial commitment to Gulak. When all efforts to make Uzodinma pay his debt to Gulak failed, Gulak decided to go public. At this point, Uzodinma persuaded Gulak to yield him more time considering the circumstances of unrest in Imo State paying him some amount.

Frustrated Gulak had no other option than to return to Abuja. Uzodinma had to arrange for a cab to drop off Gulak at Imo Airport without any security details.
It was on the way to the airport that gunmen hired by Uzodinma wasted Gulak.

Nigeria Government knows IPOB did not kill Gulak but just looking for an opportunity to slaughter members of IPOB as a way of surpressing them.

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