INSENSITIVE AND NOT CHOOSING OUR  PRIORITIES RIGHT BRINGS INSENSITIVITY IN A SOCIETY AND IN LIFE OF PEOPLE, each and every one lives a life of insensitivity unconsciously.A society that has good number of its citizen and big shots travel around the globe and what they are quick to observe in those developed countries they traveled to, is the way those Government use their people or the presence of the immigrants to make money in developing their country, they don’t see things that develop the capacity of their people (you hear a word like, in abroad you pay for everything, like seriously, what about the once they don’t  pay for, our people turn a blind eyes to them) for the society through, taxes, fees and levies.  So they now want to make money for themselves by enriching some group of people but they will not recognize that there are other side or steps those Government/societies go through to empower /develop and equip  their people a way of growing their society and keeping away/ reducing nuisances, torts, miscreants from the society. They invest more in capacity development and they nurture their people, skills and talent and it now yields for them to reap out of it, that is the attitude of sensitive society, a society that values their peoples well being before any other thing, then their people will give up their life for them to protect and defend such society.

When you prepare/develop your people, you will benefit from them, but insensitive societies only wish to eat/drink from the blood part of their people insensitivity. no wonder they don’t think twice about closing down companies, these are companies their people have put in all their lives to build, but because they fail to pay taxes/fees/levies, they seal it up, then who loses, the both parties, can’t it be another way of penalizing them, am just asking oh! or help them make the money then they will pay.which I know they do in other sensitive society.

Sensitive countries,  have taken it upon themselves to make sure food, shelter, education and medication is available for their people, they see it as a common needs for everyone so it comes to their people virtually for free, then anyone who wishes to live a flamboyant life should work for it. Helping people who are less fortunate than others are almost second nature in such society, so life is not that difficult there.

insensitive society draw blood of their people to make life Rousing why life is not rousing, no wonder in insensitive society they have a name,” SUFFERING AND SMILING” people, defenceless people, what can they do. that is their slogan.

They spend money unnecessarily on what is not needed, feeding flowers why their people are hungry, building shelters over flowers why a good number of their citizens sleep under the bridge and have a lot of empty houses wicked people. Reference to Nigeria mega city which is about 21million in population and Nigeria federal capital city about 4million in population, totally to almost 25million,  now I asked you? what is the living capacity/condition of about majority/ or good number of millions of those people in those states,  a states that spend billions of naira in beautifying the states, why the lives of its people are empty, lack beautification, they have failed to beautify what needs to be beautified and concentrating in beautifying what is not necessary. just saying oh! just observing.

The mega city/Capital city beautification, just try to Look for contract in that area, I promise you will become a millionaire over night, a city filled with beggars in the beautiful gate, no wonder the nature of some of the  people that litter around those mega city/capital city are practically fraudulent, don’t blame them, they watch that money being spent/shared and it gets to them that makes them always thinking on a way to extort from them to them anything goes. to them, they feel they live in a different world.

Do you know in some developed countries they have centres where people get free food, free accommodation, free health care and even they pay some of the Their citizen’s, someone should please tell me where and in which state of Nigerian where such facilities are without minding that they have the highest  number of churches because I have people who need those help, such assistance.

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