It can be confusing!  those two words, because of many mistake infatuation to love, You think you might be in love, but you don’t really feel like this is what love should feel like or be, but you are feeling, or you are worried that you are just making it all up in your head. most times, our expectation has a way of playing out to us in real world unknowingly.  what fuel our infatuation most times is our inner thought, once is in sight, why love you see it rejuvenating our infatuation base.

The difference between infatuation and love is that 


Infatuation is a short-lived passion, why love is a

deep affection for someone that lasts the test of time. The problem is that infatuation is a powerful feeling that can make you think you are in love.

The wave Infatuation  comes with, can bring down a nation, i always advise people to give it, the feelings time and watch what  they are feeling, if is infatuation for sure it will fuzzy away within a short why, little mistakes, problems, people, challenges setback etc, But if is love, it has a way of growing stronger, most time our desire grow our infatuation, meaning what you want  makes you get into infatuation easily  

Elders always say once you have eaten that food that is keeping you awake, sleep will come hmmmmm, because we have already thought of our expectation, once our mind magnate it, infatuation grows. but real love can wait and endure a lot of difficulties unlike infatuation can not endure. love waits, bout infatuation don’t wait,

Infatuation dont have time to know you, all they want is you, their aim, their target, before they get close they already have a target to achieve and they focus on it,

Love want to know you, because is you the person will love,there is a saying that says, you can’t love who you dont know, you need to know him/her to love them, even in their imperfection, bad character, short comings, flaws, it is a full package in every human being.

I call it liability and asset, as you are loving my liability you need to love my asset too,  that is what we call love, for those who want to love the asset alone and avoid liability know it that no human in this word is perfect even you, but we need to give people that chance to love us into to, that need to be loved “have you wondered why people know that this person is incomplete, or a prostitute /arm robber, with bad character and still love them, it comes from inside, is a feeling you can’t explain/control, no matter how our scholars have tried to position it or reposition it lately. Infatuation comes from outside by what we see it feels like an earthquake that comes with force please watch it.

Infatuation focus on what he or she want, they have already plan their life, they have a blue print on step by step of how life should go for them or should be, so once they see the person that fit into it, yes there i go,they already have their goal for their partner and the relationship, that is full infatuation

Love focuses on finding out what their partner want too, not only what they want and  it compromises, making some shift for her or him to fit in so as to work out a better and balance life for both of you.

Infatuation makes you place your partner as if she or he is God to you, you feel you are bless to have them in your life, they become a mini god, making you worship them or place them over you. but love respect each other.

Love makes you feel equal with your partner irrespective of their class, or social status, who you must respect, because you can only respect who you love, always comfortable with them.

Infatuation is selfish, is all about me, me me and me

love is kind/considerate/ forgiving/tolerance ………………… to be continued 

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