Many identities have been lost, still losing, but why?

One of the most important characteristics of great people in life is that they know who they are, what they believe in, they know themselves and they know what they stand for which actually propels them towards their direction in life towards who they want to be in future.

Which makes it look like they have clear views where the success of life lies.

Why because, they are like iroko trees, in my Africa dialect a tall rooted tree, without shaking. Nothing moves them because they’re discovering is from inside not from their surroundings or outside, They don’t easily get moved by things, their life is well seated, like setting a machine in a factory. No matter the problems, challenge, ups and down of life, they encounter they always remain the focus, the reason is that they know whom they are.

Even in a mix of challenges, many of them will always tell you, things like,  “this does not define me”, I know whom I am.

How many of us can say, we know ourselves?

They best lived life in the world, are those who live their life from inside, because the core of their personality is in their value. what is your value as a person?what do you believe in.

Our values systems have an important role to play in who we are or what we become in life,

our values with our personality make us what we are, everything we do outside whether clear or unclear is determined and dictated from inside of us, reasons our inside shows who we are or what we will become as a person.

No wonder the Bible I read, sorry I don’t know the one you are reading, (remember is a free world) says, the spirit controls the physical.

I once told a friend not to be mad at a friend’s reaction towards him because he is dishing out what is inside of him. hmmmmmm but is true.

Our values determine our beliefs as people and nations etc  (due big topic but)

it determines our expectation, our attitude, our action and inner-action etc

and when our creation of a great life is not clear to us through this values we share then we have lost it. eg

If our value is more on love, compassion, we will believe that people in our world or around us are deserving of those values and we have no choice than to treat them accordingly.

No wonder most people or nations treat people or their populaces the way they do, a closer look will show you how they have lost their identity or what they hold paramount.

Many reasons many people wonder about, reasons are lost identity.

Any attempt to live on the outside in a manner that contradicts your value you hold as a person on the inside will cause you to live a confused and miserable life.

Don’t live to please others, only live to please self and your creator to then every ther things fall in place.

A quick look at our present society today, wish where everyone wishes to live like others, struggles to fit in, you will agree with me that many identities have been lost.

Many problems of some nations and people.

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