This brings me to the stage of taking a closer look at the most important things, as we take on that lean, many pay more attention to things like,

NAME; Am now married, am now Mr/Mrs, that is what matters to them most, let me just answer that name and fit into the societal eyes, they will say he/she has settled down,the person is now responsible, personally I often asked funny questions, have him or her, so the person has been floating, now has settle down, responsible hahaha! What a mindset.(a Responsible soul is a responsible soul, marriage or no marriage ok) get it right.

BAND;Ring, Mostly ladies, they we never stop flaunting it, for you to know she is taken or she is married, even when you are having a conversation that does not require lifting up their hands/fingers they need to do it, Reasons, be careful how you speak to me, or speak to him or her, she is someone’s wife/someone’s husband, elelele! Even within our professional bodies, please dont talk to him/her like that his/she is someone’s wife/husband. more respect is given to people because of their marital statuses “kiliohe” Our guys 9% wear it occasionally, not when it will stop them from getting down with their crush.

(so those that are not married should be spoken to any how.Try it with single Ebo, sorry is your name) then you will know you don’t just mess around with anybody and gets away with it, marriage or no marriage, people who know their worth respect/protect it no what wht.

One of the reasons everyone with low self esteeem want to get in, just to get respect..

CERTIFICATE; Many think is the ultimate in marriage relationship, yes is important to legalize a marriage by going to the marriage registry/church to crystallized ones marriage and obtain the certificate,but let me tell you that the most important way or where you need t legalize your marriage first before any other place is in your mind and your partners mind and with God before worldly own, but most people pay more attention to those things than the mind and marriage it self, even friends and relatives would even tell some of them,, why bothering your self, you are the one law reorganized.uwa

That is why we have a lot of people being married to the certificate/body. why many other people outside the home are married to the souls, One of the reasons we have many problems in our home-front today, ranging from divorce to infidelity or even baby mamas and papas, i no talk o.

CHILDREN; Most people are going into marriage not because of the person they are getting married to, Some believe that time is of essence, but because of the fact, they want children,

ONE; Who will answer their name

TWO;  Who will take care of them in their old age

THREE; Because they are getting old, our ladies are menopause Issues.

That is the actions you see in the life of many children, lack of love, exhibting what they have learnt from their parents.

Because that man/women we are married to, need love, but when our attention is shifted to the children, because many of us that is what we wanted in the marriage,  we have gotten it to have children, we now shift out attention to the children, our homes become loveless homes, the children are seeing it, and they will exhibit it indirectly,

we dont recognize our partner again,We dont show them love, they live in agony and the home automatically becomes a house, not a home, lacking the necessary ingredients of home which is love and children learn by what they see than what they hear, one of the major reasons some single parents/or home with love and adopted raised children have more love than children from complete home according to us, because no one shares their love.

The truth is that without true love, agape love, as enshrined in the bible, those things listed above is worthless, (NAME, RING, CERTIFICATE AND CHILDRN) Mind you, you can not give what you don’t have.

That lady, that man you will met today  during this christmas and marry him or her tomorrow, please have it at the back of your mind that him/her is not as perfect as he or she looks, they have their own fault/badside as humans, he/she is not perfect, hope you will learn to live with his or her fault when you finally discoverd it, not Jumping out like a frog, because no man is perfect as you hunt them out this Christmas. Good luck

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