PASTOR CHRIS OJIGBANI AND IMAM BRAIN BEHIND THE KILLINGS.  Maryann Sanda  saw an incriminating text on her husband phone and confirmation of him taking a new wife  following  the rumour of his escapade with women, she demanded divorce papers but was refused to give her divorce

2o years old makodochukwu  stabs her husband john Bosco to death in Anambra state

A 19-year-old wife, Rabi Shamsudden has reportedly stabbed her husband,  Shamsuddeen Salisu, to death in Katsina state. and many others

what these three women have and many others have in common is defence, none of them deliberately took up a knife to kill her husband but because of ill-treatment malted out to them by these men, society aNEW HUSBAND KILLER ON THE RUN.nd our religious leaders., naturally they will defend themselves but luck ran out of them, now they are killers.  

They will face the law because they killed but is anyone talking about the circumstances surrounding the killings, the insensitivity in the nature of some men, the impunity and lack of respect to the institution called marriage our men have desecrated in the name an African man is polygamous in nature, I don’t have a problem with the phrase but the fact that women 21st-century woman will not take what women of 19th century took is enough for us men particular to put a stop and align with our women’s feeling and respect everyone personal views and feeling for harmony in home front bf they kill off all our men.

The Global prevalence of intimate partner homicide,

Spousal homicide is a spontaneous crime of passion that results from momentary rage from the heat of circumstance from point of defence rather from a fixed determination to kill,  No wife or husband wakes up to kill her husband or wife only but 10 percent which is not part of this discussion,  

look at the root cause of this new culture of us ( wife-killer/husband killer) is simple because  our women are becoming more hostile and our  men are becoming more insensitive in nature, and the society have succeeded in programming us into what they want,

An average African man will not take what he will expect the wife to take from him, impunity then women are waking up, feels enough is enough ready to defend self but not ready to bid farewell to that union why, because of what society will say which generated from our religious leaders’ programming.

In marriage everyone is not made for you and you are not made for everyone, no one is perfect reason you need that special man/woman you can tolerate or overlook things for, but when we feel we can marry anyone, live with anyone the outcome is the killings and rate of divorce ( if the phrase you must not like everyone and everyone can not like you why should we just jump into the arms of anyone in the name of marriage, what can we do when our imams have this culture of wedding us mandatorily without our concept, our pastors  persuading couple to remain  in marriage even when is a life-threatening union,   

Pastor Chris Ojigbani and co are the brains behind this Problem in Nigeria/African. for years he went on his, marriage campaign which shifted many things about marriage but increases the rate of divorce, on ‘you can marry anyone and anyone can marry you,  these are his words, just decide you want to marry now, here, today, he dashes partners, matched make people,  now making us who wait on our soul mate look like we don’t want to marry.

Our imam and pastors said to be single is a sin and to divorce is sin, so marriage is now a do or die affair, either I remain married or I kill my partner the only way I can be free in the face of society. why not walk away, oh the stigma of being called a divorcee, I can’t take it, so infidelity is now norms in our homes today so as the rate of killings among people who are supposed to be lovers has increased, truth is no longer part of our homes..

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