Unconditional love is to love someone no matter who they are, what they are and what life throws at us.

This is because love is life and life is love, those who love genuinely, live more happily than those who see life as a business,

Business life-oriented people are more benefit intuned people, they believe in, give and take, You do for me I do for you, life does not function that way, aways expectant in all their doing, Their slogan is, “What is in it for me”

Love oriented people are more sacrificial intuned people; unfortunately, these set of people get hurt more, still, they are happier in life, under the hurting they still find joy in life, because they are not always expectant, they are selfless being, just want to love, share and be happy.

What is love? love must be unconditional for it to fulfil its real meaning.

Unconditional love is true love. It is caring about another person’s happiness without demanding any benefits for themselves.

It is not unconditional love when someone likes you only because you can give them what they want, or because you are this or that.

It is also not unconditional love when someone only loves you under certain circumstances, say when you’re happy, healthy, connected or rich.

Unconditional love also means accepting another person for who they are, their faults, sickness and weaknesses. Unconditional love does not mean “I love you if you hurt me. destroy me, abuse me, dehumanize me etc


when people you are loving are not appreciating you, is advice you keep your distance from them and still love them because true love never ends.

Unconditional love doesn’t mean you should accept truly hurtful and toxic behaviours. When hurt comes in continuously, or when abuse and cheating are involved, commitment should end.

With these small tips, you can easily tell if you or your partner believes in love or not, remember you can not give what you don’t have, Noone can pretends for ever. Good luck.

As you move out today, share love, paint the world and make it a better place, we love you from Beadysworld.

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