How Nigerian business minded people and Mexican drug cartel brought Mkpuru Mmiri to Nigeria destroying youth.

Mkpuru Mmiri  also known as Crystal Methamphetamine, can be called  hype or glass is on rampage in Nigeria today, yet NDLA and Nigeria government have refused to take action or do something this illicit substance.

A consultant psychiatrist and Medical Director of Tranquil and Quest Behavioral Health, Lagos, Dr. Gbonjubola Abiri, described crystal meth as an illicit substance.

Her words: “It is an illicit substance of abuse also known as Crystal Methamphetamine, it is strong and highly addictive.

It affects the central nervous system in the human body. It is illicit because it is not a drug that has been regulated for everyday use.

It falls in the category of drug stimulants. With respect to its features and composition, it looks like glass fragments or shiny bluish-white rocks.

The street name is hype or glass; it’s a popular party drug. It originates from Asia; it has been around since World War two, it was initially a substance given to soldiers to stay awake.”

She explained that the substance could be consumed through smoking, ingesting in the form of pills or snorting it through the nose, or by injection with the powder mixed with alcohol or water.

“Basically, they take a lot of it, sleep off and then they are back to it; so it becomes a pattern. This is known as the binge crash pattern phenomenon. It has been noticed from research that users of crystal meth neglect food and continue to use it to increase euphoria.

Users put up a bolder, aggressive, impulsive and violent behavioral pattern. Overall, they exhibit behavioral traits that are out of the ordinary.

What this drug does to a person is increase the amount of a chemical called dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is an excitatory neurotransmitter; it controls the nerves,” she added.

On how people addicted to the substance could be rehabilitated, she said: “I need to establish that people use drugs for two reasons;

1,To run away from pain or

2, To run towards pleasure.

It puts them in a roller-coaster state of mind; hence it is hard to treat because, after long usage, the functions of the brain start to deteriorate.

So, the functions of thought, cognition, emotion, perception, feelings and even behavior start to become affected.

The individual usually becomes more anxious and confused. The brain becomes rewired as the individual becomes dependent on the substance; this is known as addiction.

Even with the amount of damage it causes them, they don’t stop. It essentially severs every aspect of their personal lives; it drives them to criminal activities and other worse things.

It  is often said that speed kills and that is the truth of life. Mkpuru mmiri falls under the drugs called Speed which  is a street name for various stimulant drugs that teens, young adults and others use to feel more alert and focused, and in some cases, to feel high.

is now on high abuse by Nigerian youths. The abuse is seen in all parts of Nigeria.

This destructive substance has infect become popular among Igbo youths that it is now nick-named Mkpuru mmiri, literally translated as blocked water or ice block.

It’s negative  effect is such that after its consumption, they engage in criminal and immoral acts detrimental to the society at large.

The notoriety of the abuse of Mkpuru mmiri is such that it has attracted the attention of the members of the government, who are yet to take action.

Mkpuru mmiri is also taken recreationally, often mixed with other drugs. Despite the sought-after, short-term effects of some forms of speed, all forms of speed are dangerous and addictive.

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