In a series of tweets shared via his Twitter page on Sunday, December 6, 2020, the entrepreneur said not having the best relationship with some of his baby mamas shouldn’t be used against him.

“Received in my 34 years on earth You can abuse me and call me all sort of names because I had them from four beautiful and brilliant women. I might not have the best relationship with some of them, the marriage crashed with one, this doesn’t make me a bad person,” he tweeted.

Many have had abortions, had several boyfriends or girlfriends you don’t know about. You know about Mine because I am a public figure. This might be my own battle, what battle are you fighting or struggling within private? Just always pray to God.”

Opinion box;

Yes, it does not make you a bad person but it certainly shows how irresponsibly you are and how you are contributing in destroying the fabric of our society, because no matter how rich and caring you might think you are, those children will never have enough of you, every child needs a father figure to be psychologically and emotionally balance for a healthy society, Franklin Ubi Nigeria system is struggling for survival, we don’t need dysfunctional families which gives birth o dysfunctional behaviours.