Hatred, resent, dislike, abhorrence, distaste, animosity, antagonism, bitterness, disgust, acrimony, rancour, racist I add, is all the same thing, just for nothing but for a lot of unknown reasons, we harbour for others; of hatred and bitterness against other people, region and country even when is not called for.

Hatred or hate is a human emotion we unconsciously distribute over others without knowing it,  Hatred could invoke feelings of animosity, anger, or resentment, which can be directed against certain individuals, groups, entities, objects, behaviours, concepts, or ideas. Hatred is often associated with feelings of anger, disgust and a disposition towards the source of hostility which in several ways has lead to killings, destroying and denying people their legal right and privileges.

Hatred can have serious, long-lasting psychological effects both on the person experiencing hate and on his/her target.

People often feel hate when they feel weak, about you, when they feel intimidated by your presence, or wish to have what you have or be who you are, it brings hatred to them that, they cannot explain because already they have allowed their evil minds, to overshadow their good minds.


You hate people because you feel weak and jealousy of them, before you hate anyone, region or group of people,  I want you to first realize that as humans, we all are blessed with our different values, gifts and talents, each man with his or her own God’s gift, and talents, so hating people for their natural gift is killing yourselves.

We have learned talents and unlearned talents, and I wish to inform you that there are talents that can be learnt from school or acquire, as knowledge but gift is a personal thing, from God to a person or group of people, even when you try to learn it, you can never do better or more like who or those, that is their natural gift, so getting angry or hating people for their Natural gift, is just a waste of time and energy, why not divert that energy into appreciating them, elevating them for the good of both people, group or region, admiring them and it will benefit you and them,

That is one area an African man has failed and has stopped, her development today. the bitterness against each other has indeed stunted the growth of an African man and nation, and they turn around to ask why they are not developing.

You are not developing because you are a “WEAK” Nation! afraid of the other person potentials, group, region or religion., afraid they will outshine you, Forgetting that each and every one of us, have our learn and gift in life.

Developed world, are not weak, they believe projecting you, strengthening your strength or developing you, tapping from your gift will benefit you and them, so they help you develop, to help themselves develop too, but third world countries, which Africa is part of,  kill your strength/talent and gift, bury it,  to project themselves, empty salves they end up projecting,  to shine, they stopped your shining, then both of you remain on floor hmmm. instead of leveraging on other person strength potentials to attain glory.

Take a look at Usain Bolt, Barack Obama and co, they are all American citizens that brought glory to The united states of America but not America born, this is the example of a strong nation that celebrates ones strenght for their own good, remember you are lifted when you lift others.


African leadership (Nigeria) should have taken advantage of  some regions, (Igbo to be precise)  talent/ gift  to develop Nigeria, as you can see, that they are the only people who have the  true spirit of “ONE NIGERIA”, by nature, not by saying/singing  it,  and this failure of the government,  was partly responsible for the failure of the Nigerian state, looking down on the strength and power Igbo nation has to bring for the development of the nation. but the more they marginalized them, Igbos locally, the more they leave (no wonder they are the most travelled race in Africa)  the country to thrive in the global space.

Is it not the time for Nigeria state, to see that, is the destiny of an Igbo race to restore the fortune of the black race worldwide, starting from NIGERIA, am not here to give you names, you know the positions they held in the global space.

Wait before you argue with me, look at the competitive individualism of an Igbo man, resilient,innovative and enterprising  nature, who is ready to denounce her own, fellow Igbos just to make it works, (No wonder some Igbos are of the view that other regions hate Igbos so mouch and Igbos hate themselves too, real disheartening, why una thy hate na self nah)  and their adventurous/goal-getting spirit, I might say that , their republican nature makes them find home anywhere they found themselves and they are eager to develop it to the world-class standard, into comfort for their own good and their comunity host, for good co-existence, without discrimination, an average Igbo man is not weak or afraid of its host community rather they find comfort, this is becsuse of their free spirit, that free mind takes them everywhere and anywhere, just like MTN, hahaha, way de MTN, (Igbos are naturally transformers) they come and transform bushes into town, lake into villages, they don’t leave a place same way they mat it,  but the Nigerian leaders have failed to recognize and harness  this strength of an Igbo man for modernization of the entire nation rather they are hated for their input and ingenuity , but let them go they refused them still will not allow them freedom of existence or partaking from national resouces like other regions, but why nah? who is fooling who?. Is not good ooo. make i talk true!
“Nigeria’s pathetic attempt to crush these idiosyncrasies rather than celebrate them is one of the fundamental reasons the country has not developed as it should and has emerged as a laughingstock, now they want to clamp down on them after all their input to the development of the Nigerian nation, They even get angry that even denying them some of their rights, they still grow in wight and bounds hmmmm, is no longer news that this group are heavily  marginalized still they flourished, is that the reason for the jealousy oh because they have refused to be humiliated,  intimidated broken or play second fiddle like is expected of them. I beg to apologize on behalf of Igbo’s, after interviews with many of them and close study, an average Igbo person,  don’t know how to pretend, they live out who they are, I realised is their nature, they can’t be subdued or trampled underfoot as you may wish to have them trampled under, please forgive them, is not their fault, is their nature like you have your own different nature.

You an Igbo person is not your fault that others, naturally get intimidated by you, stop killing yourself, the earlier they accept you and use your strength to develop Nigeria the better for all, or you all remain complaining hahahahaha.

Posted by Beady Nnanna on Saturday, March 9, 2019

2, Victimized or betrayed, and this form of hate can result in feelings of exhaustion, sadness, chronic rage, and even depression and anxiety. type 2 of hatred which mostly exhibit from people who have felt hate, DISCRIMINATED.

Racism and xenophobia were on the rise worldwide But has found its most root in Africa, on ending prejudice and derogatory perceptions of superiority, dating to the colonial era and the transatlantic slave trade.

I stand to inform you that is now, over  5 0r 6 decade colonial masters have left African courtiers but why is this hatred, jealousy, superiority growing more and more, which has left us running around at the same point, is it not time to celebrate our diversity in nature, is it not time to stop this hate. respect each other’s will and desire, ( human right) then project who or group that need to be projected to project our nation, so as to be free of this mentally and natural slavery we have gotten ourselves into.

Can’t we free ourselves of this deep sited hatred for the good of our nation, our souls and our generation unborn?



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