Harsh treatment to women hardens them as humans, killing their emotions, feelings and bringing out the devils in them, every human on earth has two side, love and hate, like women they are created with  so much love in a way that their love side is more than their hate side, women by nature are full of love and it takes love to give love, but  when they don’t give love they give the opposite of love which is hate. I think our society is about to experience the devil in women which need to be addressed. Our culture, ethic and way of doing things with our egotist way of reasoning, our Men putting self first allowing their men chauvinism override them is taken a  boomerang on us and I must tell you is not a funny one, is no longer a funny society, because everyone is sharing out of  it, man/woman, and why I have to put up this write up is because if it is only affecting the men and woman, I will honestly be OK and happy about it, but the bitter truth about it, is that the benefactors of this act, our children are the one suffering most, these set of people, who  do not know anything about this act, the innocent children  are suffering and  still suffering and will still suffer ,if we as people do not retrace our steps, address it or check it, it will keep going on to generation unborn.

But before I go on I must thank Christianity, that is the only religion that has in a way given women liberty to live a life given to them by their creator, given them freedom  of existence pending on the interpreter of the Christen religion (belief),  because we still have a lot of Christian practices who still practice it with their local religion(belief ), meaning they misinterpreted it wrong,  apart from them, Christianity starting from my local religion (belief) to still practice what I call broad daylight slavering of women emotions, destroying their human right as women, turning our women, lovely creatures into beast. In one of my write ups someone corrected me that how can I  compare developed world, states like the United States of America that is over 100 years to a state in Africa, that should be in at least there  50 years or 60 years  I smile. looking at my country Nigerian it has been existing as old as united states of American, we are just talking about the amalgamations of the states into one nation so what are we talking about, Remember the accent Egypt and Israel, they are one of the countries when you talk about old time technology and inventions.

Okay, they are over 100 yrs  and we are over 50/60 years  that’s ok,

With everyday development and technology available to our reach, I want to believe that, the same way your grandfather/mother did things was quite different from the way your father/mother did things and  the way you are doing things presently, people before us made mistakes so we should not repeat the same mistakes, they paid some price to make life quite easy for us, we were asked to take upon mentors/coaches  so as to fast track our way in our career, relationship, finance  visa-vise  and avoid the mistakes they made in getting to our destinations so if America made  mistake and they are over 100 years should we make the same mistake because we are over 50/60 years, shouldn’t we have learnt from their mistakes too and work smart and better than going the same way they went, Our woman is turning into something else, no feelings, no consideration, not ready to endure any longer like women,  killing their emotions,some even killing, going as far as taking live they can not give, they have lost their meekness that is one attribute of a woman that makes her stand out, Many women don’t wish or want to be meek any longer.  they have lost it, totally, would you open your mouth and blame them no,no, no, and no, I won’t either,  I won’t because in my dialect it is only a tree that you will tell you are going to cut down and he will remain standing, but tell a human he will surely take off in defense to self , most of them women are folding their trousers pant in defense to protect self because it has gotten  to their knowledge that their men are not ready to defend them  rather they are now using them as a defense mechanism, taking advantage of their meek nature, men now use them to snooty their test of life, sex quest, satisfy their natures call, make them men, for those who believes, that the only way to show a society that they are real  man is by  impregnating a woman or group of women, forgetting that them the women have feelings as well, women are to give them heir, funny enough is that, the heir is being treated well but the woman that brought the heir is left out or treated like nobody by sleeping with dozens of women, not paying attention to the feelings or emotions of their women, issues of taking the egg but forgetting about the chicken that lay the golden eggs.

some now  using them the women to get to the top, she is beautiful, smart connected, she should appeal to people let me use her to get me those jobs/business, cook for me, make them their salves, Most woman were doing this out of their loyalty nature of a woman and base on what they feel for the man but what they get and keep getting is actually taking a wicked turn on our society the disrespect to their persons/emotions  is killing them emotionally and they are only revolting  emotionally.

How can good number of our men because we still have an exceptional men but few duo, believe that women are still for use, oh my God in this jet age, subjecting them women into a THING, and turning around to expect the best out of them, is not possible, a closer look at our society will give you a clip of where we are heading to if not corrected. Our women were not like this before, why the change same will blame modernization, if modernization has affected our women, why not affect our men too, so men and women can be in the same lean of moving forward, is not modernization, Is our man way of treating them holding tight to the ancient way of doing things.

Remember we have three class of people in any society  that wish and want to survive but is quite unfortunate  that our Africa continent  with all our educations, traveling, awards and exposure that our men class ratio still  have not moved, is still on two , we have  two class of men and three class of women in our society .watch these  chat

MEN  A  30%                  WOMEN          A 20%

MAN    B 70%                   WOMEN          B   50%

WOMEN          C   30%

Topic to discus soon,

it becomes a problem when this two class  of men are trying to  struggle with this number of three class of woman can’t you see it won’t fit in that is one of the problems in our society.Third world countries.


Now some women are like since he is not here to share my problems with me, love me the way I am, go with me on this lonely road of life, why don’t I do it alone myself,

1,  Our women are no longer ashamed to be called a baby mama, one told me if he is not ashamed to answer baby papa why should I,

2, If he will abounded me because I have life issues and go for another woman why should I stay with him when he has issues  then let me learn to live alone oh my God. (where is our Africa women endurance skill the men have destroyed it)

3, If I can go miles to make him rich just for him to leave me for another woman why not make myself rich and live my life or better still use them like some women even think hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

4, If  because of his lack of self discipline / lack of self control  or for my life threaten challenging issues he will leave me one day for what i did not place on myself and still fellow my rivalry or even kill me  in the name am a men who have feelings and have to enjoy life and society will support him,  me to I got life to enjoy, why wait for him did you see a big threat to our marriage institution etc









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