THE EFFECT OF MY MONEY AND OUR MONEY SYNDROMES AT HOMES, the reck is causing in most homes, the reason why most women lay hold to their own money. first, from the beginning. when it started I laugh in o!.

Many women imbibe this culture of greed from our homes, what I call longer throat, we actually taught them, many have their lives and that of their generations mess up and in return transfer it to their children, it goes on, today is a societal issue , what your child sees you do he/she will do not by what you say, even mother/ fathers/ relatives who ask their children/relatives that are not working for money, what where you thinking of, so each and every one of us shares out of this blame games. making our women know that their body is for money making, then they build greed in them, most women are just longer throat by nature, they even celebrate it that is in their DNA What!!!  Topics for another day.

My money syndrome.

By culture majority of women always have this belief that their money is for them and them alone why the man’s money is for the public, general and family, even in families we have some siblings just because they have the spirit of bringing/giving or they are generous in nature, that does not mean they have more, it honestly hurts that you give and when they bring their own it becomes theirs, but  for those women who keep their money for themselves you will not blame them is not their fault.

Yes, I mean it! that is the social and cultural Values we have grown up imbibed in us, we find our self into, that men make the money while women spend it, crazy society, I remember a friend of mine, ify once telling me that a woman’s money has no value, Jesus Christ! I was like what! all I tried to explain to her that the value of ten naira in a man hands is the same thing in the hand of a woman, but this Igbo friend of mine called me names and walk away still culture thing, such lady is looking for a rich man to come solve her and her family problem through marriage.

When you see them, the women as an object, not a subject what do you expect from them.

Take for instance when you are with your friends, besties, you bring out your money at will and spend on each other without minding or pre-decisions, they know when you don’t have and when you have but why can’t we live like that in our homes, culture.

One major reason you should be friends with your partner it helps reduce the load on the men and both of you can come together and make the money and it will be well spent in the family without minding who brings it or who owns it, but when the man will always want to take the glory or see their wifies as a second-class citizen by the way he talks to her without respect, behave anyhow to her, shunning her out of important issues and decisions in the family, the tendency for the women to withdraw to themselves is there,

No wonder you hear stories of women saying am saving for the raining day, what!! which means you already in a relationship expecting that sooner or later something will go wrong so you the woman will have something to fall back at, you know  most women temperament/attitudes most of them got so bloated by what they have so they won’t take what ordinary they should take in a marriage/relationship, like  endure, tolerate try fixing it, waking away is now easy and common among such women who feel they have money.

No wonder many of them, the women are comfortable with other women sharing their men, as long as there’s money to spend, go around, MTA MACHINE, sorry for you the man, any emotional (love) driven women will not want to share her man with any women, but when your woman is comfortable sharing you with other women or taking in everything you give to her please rechecked that love quote, her target is something else. one major reason baby mamas are on the increase today. outside lack of self-esteem on most women, longer throat.

As a women pleas work for that money you want.

But because most of the men want women, they will control, subdue, a fool in the house, they feel she is the women, the respectful women, after one-two children you hear words like she has changed, sorry brother she did not change anything, this is the real women you married. Most of our Women are very smart they know what you want, as a man, so they give it to you and get what they want, banana and monkey hhahhahahha.

Hey, celebrate not! These mindsets of women actually formed from the cultural aspect of it, which gives the men an opportunity to do away with their wives, or sees them as an object that can be pick when there’s need for it and dump when they are done with it, partners and jump into the moving train in the instance of not giving him the man, a child, or the sex of the child he deserves, sickness or lack. so many women live in defence.

So many women already know that their days are numbered in that home, but if they see marriage the way is been said for better for worst, for richer and poorer in good health and bad health, I think most women will stop this attitude of saving for the raining days, saying is my money but always having the habit to bring out any money for the  family use, and bring out their mind knowing that this is a union of two people and the men see them as partners in crime, not as an object, I bet you most marriage will work more than is working today.

Before you leave please, let’s get this straight!

Money is important in life and necessary for we all to live and survive in life, as a matter of fact, is because we like money that is one major reason we  work but when it shifts from like to love that is why you will see most of us damming any consequences that might come with it to have it by all means. this attribute is common in both sex, male and female but our focus is on women now because we have seen or heard of men who give up their life for money focusless men who settle for what they don’t want without knowing they will make it in life and when they make it wish to change base still the society support them why killing many emotionally.

Is no longer a story that many of our women look out for a well to do man for marriage relationship, reasons, financial security, what I call ( longer throat)mind you the men longer throat these days are more, but it might even surprise you that is no longer a woman thing alone now, majority of our man these days are even overdoing it,

the men have their torchlight on, searching for well to do women/ women from richer homes for relationship, marriage etc these days.

A friend told me last year December to be precisely on 26th at a beach when we beheld a particular sight and he said, Beady have you not notice that rich people children get married more this days, unfortunately, it does not last. then I ask him why? the naughty friend of mine, shola I love talking with him a lot, he opens my mind to life issues a lot, he said to me, you have to believe me first before you can see the answer. But tell you I have seen it. In a nutshell, our women should reduce their longer throat attitude and if you deserve a thing work for that thing, God is not a bias God you get reward for your work, go for a man because of what you feel for him not what you will get from him, most women are emotionally driven abound out there looking for true love  and this attitude of most of our women looking for rich men is giving them bad name making people generalizing it to every woman, that needs money, yes every women needs money, that is why some work to earn a living but when it comes to a relationship and they said they need love please believe them and allow them have the love and stop seeing every woman as the same, that A, B, C AND D  IS DOING IT Dorst not mean X, Y, Z MUST DO IT, by nature some people are more money driven why some are more emotional (love) driven someone just ask me, them dey chop love, your wahala.

Culture has a very negative effect on why women keep their money and put many loads on their husband,

So if you wish to marry, first thing is to be friends and respect each other then you can freely talk, share ideas and solve problems together.

So if you are women and you so much need money please work hard and drop this longer throat that has killed many women and still killing.

PLS ANY MONEY IN THE HOUSE SHOULD BE THAT HOUSE MONEY, nothing like my money our money it hurts and push your man aways from you.

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