Ohaneze Lagos; Group of young Igbos In Lagos Accuse Governor Sanwo-Olu for Division As Solomon Brags Having His support.

The executive Governor of Lagos state, Babajide  Sanwoolu has been accused to be the major problem in Ohaneze  Lagos said a group of young Igbos in Lagos.

Ebuka Nnadi, the president of Young Igbos in Lagos has called on Governor Sanwo-Olu to retrace his steps and play a fatherly role to all Lagosians, as his one-sided love is tearing Ohaneze Lagos apart, they said.

The crux of the matter is the outgoing president Solomon Aguene bragged of having the support of the executive Governor to remain in office even when his tenure was over and the social-cultural organization, Ohaneze, had elected a new president and excos of Ohaneze Lagos, yet he still parades himself as Ohaneze Lagos president, saying he has court injunction and Governor Sanwo-Olu’s support.

The agenda for the support Solomon gets from the governor is hinged on Solomon helping the governor in his re-election bid as stated by Solomon, which Solomon said,  he is the only one who can deliver Igbos’ vote in Lagos.

The group of aggrieved young Igbos in Lagos accused the executive governor of not playing a fatherly role amongst Igbos in Lagos, by supporting the outgoing Ohaneze president, Chief Solomon Ogbonna Agune, making him remain in office after his tenure, for Solomons’s personal interest.

The above statement was made clear and confirmed during Solomon’s speech when a group of Professional Women in the media led by their president, princess Lilian Adumosu visited Solomon to find out his plans for ending the rife among the Ohaneze Ndigbo in Lagos.

The president of professional women in media, Lilian Amosu said the motive for her group visits was a motherly/sisterly visit to rekindle and broker peace, which is the intent of the visit not to endorse anyone as reported by Ohaneze Lagos,

Some of our questions you can find below;…..


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In Solomon’s speech, he started  in the Igbo language:

|”Ala adi mma bu iru ndi Nze, He stated that  No one can stop the problem in Ohanze Lagos, even in Enugu they have factions and Obiozor is sick and weak, some people are benefiting from it,  before my emergence as the president,  there was a problem that got us to court, at this level, I am the only president the Governor  in Lagos recognises, who can reposition and represent  Ndigbobetter than those who look for money alone,  with my brother Ifeanyi as his Good friend, who is from the same town with me from Ebonyi state,

I can call Governor anytime and if he didn’t pick up, he will call me back, the battle is not a problem, speak on your own, how you can be well represented as a media person, not you nor your group can stop the problem in Ohaneze Lagos, do you know that Governor has mandated me to organize my people, now we have  Ohanze Ndigbo political forum, which Governor is aware of.

He continued to brag, No Igbo person in Lagos can remove me, unless the order comes from Sanwolu, because I know how to use the media, As Igbos do not understand the importance of media hence do not use it and also can not afford it, like Yoruba who lives with media.

The group are bitter about how the Sanwo Olu government have not given the Ohaneze Lagos the opportunity to introduce the newly elected exco’s to his Government, in a way, this confirms Solomons’s claim that he has the support of the Governor to remain in the office against the wish of  Igbos in Lagos.

The group explains further to register their displeasure, and how the host state has been using few of them in Lagos, to divide Igbos in Lagos, ” after past governor Ambode’s tenure ended, he was removed not even with the giant goals he claims to have, his stubbornness, project and plans he claim to have ongoing for Lagosian, they now question why Their host state and A father Governor Sanwo Olu who many of them have supported his Government and still supporting his re-election be encouraging division among Igbos, thereby dividing them and causing confusion.

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