Have you ever seen an unhealthy person trying to get fit or lose some weight? They’ll buy a copy of every available thing sold to them, scout gyms, debate diets and do just about every damn thing except exercise and eat properly. Few, get outside but stop after few days they started.

Or take someone who forever dreams of starting their own business. They’ll read books, chase mentors and follow Bill Gates and his likes on Twitter. Anything except actually start a real business.

We can relate this to just anything. From being fit to starting a business, having an additional degree, getting close to God- any Goal we desperately want to achieve. We usually find it hard to get started, starting scares us a lot, many don’t even know how to start, or where to start from, and once we start – we get discouraged and stop on the way.why has always be the answer I asked, and still asking?

But then, there could be a solution to this.

The truth is that the more certain we feel we can achieve any of our goals or dreams the easier it is to do what it takes to get started.

Secondly, once we start seeing some positive results from our actions – we get more motivated. We want to do more. It’s a vicious cycle.

The more we do, the more positive results feed our energy to do more – you can see the cycle.This cycle could also be problematic. If we can’t easily see the immediate consequences of our actions – we give little or no value to them. This is the simple reason why people eat very late at night (weight gain and unhealthy), refuse to exercise (they can’t ‘see’ the impact), or pray (maybe, no immediate answer) or read, the exam is not tomorrow or anything. It equally shows how and why we procrastinate a lot.  But I wait,

The problem with goals is that after the initial jump of a hormone, which triggers a massive dose of inspiration and enthusiasm – that lifts our spirit to get started. We run out of steam as our enthusiasm goes down. The solution to the problem of knowing –

Knowing for certain that with enough effort, we can achieve our goals, is as important if not more important than the goal itself. In that knowledge lays the hormone that carries our enthusiasm and energy are requires to pull us through all the way.

The problem is how can we predict more accurately that we can reach our goals, many people need this assurance to start,  in reasonable time while we are on it? I bet there is no perfect answer. But recently, I have found a system that helps greatly.




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