Giving is a state of mind, not the amount one has, but the ability to give, always remember that a giver doesn’t lack.

A society that has a culture of giving will live in peace, crime will reduce, everyone will live comfortably, could that be what Beady Nnanna is trying to achieve by teaching people around her to give as many people are journey her in this giving journey of sharing gift, which she has embarked on openly over 7years now, but what most people don’t know is that is her nature.

Asked people who know her closely, her relatives, they will tell you that is here nature she feels African should learn to give rather than accumulating lifetime wealth that is made for all, what is the need since we all will die one day and live behind.


A man who can not give when he has 1 dollar will never give if he has 100 dollars.

The most outstanding thing in life is for one to find his/her self, that is the case of Beady Nnanna, she feels, she has found herself, WHICH SHE IS HAPPY IN.

Beady truly has the most generous and compassionate soul but her stubborn nature confuses people thru who she is, her meek nature, because she gives and give even when  she has nothing left to give, she give peoples things to other  people who need it, no wonder she has a program where she cooks and share food every December, the giving of other peoples things, no wonder has gotten her into troubles with friends, relatives more especially her siblings.who will insist on having anything from her  now because they know westing time might allow another person to give it.

Beady can promise you something but any available person interested in that same thing which she promises you or around who ask for it, she will give it out, she is a giver, thank God she is not in the habit of giving out her womanhood like that, gbeke for shele.

In fact, she has a problem with giving,  without minding she has promised it to another, this makes her fulfilling and happy, she said she has peace by giving, only that, her major problem is that she does not have enough to give the way she wants to give.

Her personality tends to be extremely generous and it’s very much in her nature to want to give back in life and share her good fortunes with others no matter how little it is.

she is a  giver of gifts, of attention, of thoughts and of love, always ready to comfort, encourage, care, live and give advice where is needed.

In all her relationship she is always prepared to shower with love and kindness. she is quite a genuine friend to have and to everyone. She values human relations the most and put the people she/ he loves above everything else.

Her generosity often gets in the way of her own personal needs and priorities, she places others above her self, no wonder some close friends/relatives who don’t understand the act of fulfilment and self-personality, said she is so foolish because she abandoned her problems to solve others problems, as her often compassionate and charitable behaviour leads her putting the needs of others ahead of her own.

She is known for sacrificing herself for everyone happiness, mostly her family, no wonder she once made a statement that she has accepted to be the sacrificial ram of the family, can you imagine human reasoning? but that is Beady for you!  that, that is Beadys nature,  but rather than dwell over it in a negative way, Beady tends to feed off of providing for others any way she can with joy.   her pet project called FEED SOMEONE PROGRAM !1

Posted by Beady Nnanna on Tuesday, December 25, 2018

The downside to this her behaviour is the overwhelming majority of souls who will take advantage of this her gentle nature, her, generosity nature, thinking she has enough or excess to throw away,  without minding that she can even borrow to give or even give her last kobo that makes her happy.

She does not give for a reward rather she gives to have peace, joy, peace and fulfilment comes whenever she gives. couple with her regards for people   irrespective of who you are, her major problems are getting angry with people when they did not give her, the way she gives, forgetting that everyone doesn’t have the same personality, or are not givers, no wonder her schoolmate Ng told her that her major problem in life, is expecting people to behave to her the way she behave to them.

Americas has a culture of giving, have you ask why they are the highest in scholarship/loan, charity etc,  MOST CELEBRITIES IN AMERICA SPONSORS Layaway, layaways is a purchasing agreement by which a retailer agrees to hold merchandise secured by a deposit until the price is paid in full by the customers,

If you care, contact me lets work together to  make the world a better place.


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