Give me my digital space.  Hmmmmm, who on earth will give you your space, no one, you rather take it! even as a child, I have grown to realise that no one will comfortably give you anything freely, even as toddlers, we use to cry to get what we want, even our food that is due to us as children. During the colonial masters, unfortunately, i was not born then, but I read books, my people used the protest  to register their dislikes, but how funny life is our owe people will not even allow their own people protest to air their grievances, you see the life of manipulators.Even for some of us who reads the Bible will agree with me or you are free to disagree on this, is a free world,  but is truth, a time came when Jesus wished, that the cup should pass over him, but being that is an agreement, a promised that his father’s wish must  be made, he has to die for mankind, meaning whatever, everything, anyone wish for in life, he/she must stand for it, to take it, go for it, remember nothing changes until you want it to change, even the same Bible said it, anything you did for someone without feeling the impact has never been done and you will not have a benefit or reward for it, you can only say, I did this for this person when you felt the impact of doing that thing for another person, the pain, is called love/ sacrifices it goes with cause. so there must we need a scarifies/cause to get something.

let me remind us that most colonial masters did not comfortably left or handed over their rulership /leadership, if they have their way they will quickly return, allow me to let you know that by man’s nature manipulating others gives a lot of people fulfillment, no wonder most people live  in or make a living out of manipulating others, some will tell you is allowed hahahahaha, if you ask me! Nah who I go ask, ( Fela said it)

If you don’t live your life as a person or a nation, many people or nations are out there looking for whom/nations to live through, they outsmart you, seriously, someone ones told me that life is sweeter when you live it through people, can you imagine. what a world. (one of the reasons, Africans, have to watch China Nations very closely with all their freebies, a Chinese man look at future and an African man looks at now, so Africa be warmed. this good nature of a Chinese man must be well viewed at  I must tell you they have something longer than their sleeve in their sleeve for us which when is gut up with us, we might not be able to handle it, not my topic now)

The point am trying to make here is that in Africa, physical slavery appears to have stopped years ago, but I own no one any apology to let us know that emotional slavery still exist in the highest order and I must tell you that for you to enslaved one physically, you must first enslave the person emotionally which is the worst slavery in life. Africans are still enslaved.Funny enough, Africans are enslavery their fellow Africans, so it becomes an issues very dicey to deal with, no wonder in the bible, it was said that, man’s worst enemy is people of his household, hmmmm, but majority of it, is been done in collaboration with international world, manipulating them to manipulate there own brothers in different field, I attended a conference under a American facilitator who said that Africa continent  has the greatest resources in the world (not just saying it, I know it, so don’t tell me i told him ) but in the human resources  Africa are still on zero level. simply Slavery, mindset culture, is the issue, yes. let’s look at!  media sector now,

Multi-choice as a case study, is an international Africa own company that has succeeded in monopolizing the market in the media space in African, Mexicans and India culture are infiltrating into Africa through this platforms pushing away their own culture. hope they won’t take over Africa culture, just asking aloud ? am free to asked, as an African. ( my worst annoyance is that they use Africa resources/money to build this organizations against Africans) what  wicked world.As they decided what you watch and what you don’t watch, they give attention to what they want, promote what they want, hype what they want and give publicity to what they want, make who they want to, they cut the shot,  is their world against Africans,

Still they are our still our hero’s, what do you want our hungry producer and actors who need to survive to do, remember a typical African lives on now,  no wonder Beady Nnanna always says, that an empowered man is a free man. when we refuse to empower our people mentally what do you expect.The empowerment is not of physically, giving money etc is of mental empowerment.

So let’s stand and take our digital space, we alone can take it, because we alone unknowingly,  gave it out.


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