A fully loaded luxurious (Volvo marcopolo) bus with the inscription “GUO OKEKE MOTORS” was early on Wednesday intercepted by armed bandits with about 90 passengers kidnapped.
A source who witnessed the incident, one out of the Two escaped passengers, told us that, “the bus which was travelling from Owerri in Imo state and heading to Abuja with about 90- passengers including another 35 additional passengers on attachment on board, unfortunately, ran into the waiting hands of dare-devils armed bandits just after the Ena- river before Okhuessan community along Ewatto to Ubiaza express road at about 1:20 am this morning,
The 123-passengers including the driver on board were kidnapped into the forest while the remaining 2- escaped through the windows of the  commercial bus into the  bush before one of them was later rescued by a hunter at Okhuessan forest and brought to the popular Angle-90 junction in Ubiaza  at about 5 am this morning for possible assistance.”

According to the source, “at the moment, there is no clue as to the whereabouts of the kidnapped victims and there is also no rescue team whatsoever from any quarters through my personal interaction with the passenger who was fortunate to have escaped and rescued revealed the armed bandits were all armed with Ak-47 assault multi-purpose rifles and a sharp matchet each and they are suspected to be Fulanis by the tribe.”


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