Nigerians lament Father Mbaka missing in action as other Rv fathers protest in Nigeria.


Catholic priests in Enugu State on Friday 2nd August protested against the killing of one of their colleagues Reverend Fr. Paul Offu on Thursday night.

Fr. Offu, Parish Priest of St. James Greater Catholic Church was allegedly shot dead by suspected Fulani Herdsmen along Ihe in Awgu Local government area of the Enugu state.


The angry Catholic priests marched to the Government House with placards, with inscriptions such as like ‘enough is enough’, ‘government should rise to defend Nigerians’ and more.

They also matched through the major streets in the state capital to the police headquarters, chanting ‘God save Enugu people from murderous Fulani herdsmen, ‘enough is enough, the government should do something and save us, stating that this is the 7th priest being killed by suspected herdsmen with one year, “with REV Father Mbaka missing in action, Nigerians have demanded that Father Mbaka should take message to president about the killings since his not aware, given he is a regular visitor to Aso-rock” villa.

They demanded that the state  Governors Should stand rather than cry and PRESIDENT, LEGISLATOR should protect Nigerians as the main job of the Government is to protect and provide for the people but the situation in Nigeria now shows that Nigeria is a state without GOVERNMENT.

When asked ABOUT the statement, “Governor’s cry” they said the first time herdsmen struck in ENUGU rather than for the governor to make a statement, he started crying.

This brings to mind that !!!

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, honestly warned NIGERIANS and his people about this current happenings in the land,  clandestine moves to Islamize Nigeria and impoverish some particular ethnic groups, by a certain ethnic and religious group, which  gradually is  rolling out in sequence, rather than calling him for reasoning and strategies for a way forward to avert the evil coming, he was abused, called names, even the church never believe in him, unfortunately the only people who believed in him was a low class, majorly of them youths,  the technocrat saw him as an imposter who wanted to use them, the almighty patron dance was particularly initiated for his sake alone to capture  and kill him but he said that chukwu okike saved him.


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