Eze Igbo Ghana, Celebrates New Yam Festival And 10th Year On The Throne. 

His Royal Majesty Eze Amb Chukwudi Jude Ihenetu and queen Ugoeze Liberty Ihenetu  Eze Igbo Ghana celebrated the new yam festival and 1oth year on the throne in a grand style.

Eze Jude Ihenetu, his wife, Igbo sons and daughters, Ghana royal fathers,  visitors, well-wishers and Ghana indigens and other Eze from Nigeria led by Eze opetemba, Eze Ndigbo na Ikeja, Eze Ikem Agbais, Eze Ndigbo na Isolo and other  Ezes were seen in their Igbo colourful attire, royal apparel, beaming with smiles, so many to eat and drink, different groups,  dance troops at Efun southland children’s park Accra Ghana to celebrate this memorable day.

Ohaneze president Ndigbo Lagos chapter Chief Sunday Osia was able represented by the Treasury of the chapter Evelyn Okere.

The event which started on 17th September 2022 with the 2022  Eze Igbo Ghana unity cup final between the ultimate power ministry verse Obi Amarachukwu at the field where Obi Amarachukwu won the trophy, our inter with the coach…..

followed by Igbo in diaspora award 2022 at HA conference centre Accra with so much glaze and glamour of Igbo’s and Africans sons and daughters been honoured in their different fields of endeavours.

On the 18th of September Igbos,  Africanssons and daughters from around the world converged to celebrate a man of the hour also joining him to eat the new yam, marking the end of one season and beginning of another in Igbo culture.

The New Yam Festival is a celebration depicting the prominence of yam in the Igbo social-cultural life of Igbo people.

In Igbo communities, all old yams, from the previous year’s crop must be consumed or discarded on the eve of the New Yam Festival.

Eze Jude Ihenetu in the company of others Eze, imam, Ghana traditional rulers, why declaring the eating of the new yam festival open as he invoked the divine blessing of Chukwu Okike, (The God Almighty) on the roasted yam displayed at the field, thanked God for last season and presented the coming season onto his able hand, to bless, prosper and protect, then he was seen cutting the yam, deep it in the pot of cook local  beans and pepper mixture, eat why others followed with their blessing/prayers.

This new yam festival is normally held at the end of the rainy season in August and September to usher in a new farming season which signifies abundance in Igbo culture.

This is a very important culture for every Igbo household, every household could be blam for not doing well in the next season,  or not being prosperous, para venture if their crops fail to perform, it will be assumed that failure to celebrate the new yam festival was the remote cause of their lack or under-performance of their crops.

New yam festival can be celebrated on different levels, you must not call crowed, not to be held responsible for having your crops underperform next season.

just make sure you celebrate it on your level, this is how important the new yam festival is to the Igbo culture of the southeastern part of   Nigeria in western  Africa.


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