Deal with your enviousness by dealing with yourself, it is inside of you and You, stay far from envious people make friends with them from afar they can be deadly.

I have come to realize that people don’t actually envy you because of you rather they envy you because of themselves hmm sounds funny but truth,

if you understand that this envy primary aim originated from them, not from you, the first thing you should do is have pity on them, feel sorry for them and then fathom into consideration on how to deal with it,

Not undermining the fact that many of us give up ourselves to be envied by our lifestyles, output, body language and speeches, some we do unknowingly so we do to humiliate people, so be warned and safeguard yourself.

why because we still have friends, relatives, colleagues acquaintance who have everything working for them but they still envy us, for those who say people envy them because they are succeeding more than them, what about those ones? we still have people who are more handsome/beautiful with good things of life and relationships yet they envy us, envy you hmmm.so is not about you is about them.

the envy thing is more invincible than visible than we think like I will always say, every human on earth has the good and bad side of them but the one you feed more takes the greater part of your life, so I can practically say that to envy is a general thing for everyone but your focus determines how envious you will become, so  envy is a natural thing for humans But!

one big problem envious people have is insecurity and a very low self-esteem problems no matter who they are, where they are and what they have.

I don’t want to focus on people envy you because you have what they wish to have but don’t have them is a fact,

Evniuos people have this entitlement attitude and pride that consumes and kills them from inside, in the world of millions of people they feel, they should always be the best always, it hits them when people take on their space, have the best or be the best around them hmmmm the issues of life is design in a way that sometimes you wn, sometimes you lose,envious people are not mentally stong people, so it triggers the envy in them even among close friends and it can be deadly, because from that stage it can actually get to something else, they wish  the world  revolves around them  sorry it is not so,

Majority of them are shackled by fear, insecurity, a doubt which swallows them away to the blackness of hell then the envy part of them manifest even without them knowing it.

They have a hidden engle eyes I call it, it is the confidence they lack, they have a way of seeing it in others, they see the attributes, talent and gifts others have they don’t have, not that they don’t have but because they concentrate more on getting than giving, they waste greater part of  their lives watching other peoples lives rather than developing theirs because everyone has a hidden gift, and is a put off for them realizing what others have then the common quetions in their mind-lips is why him/her why not me, can any normal human ask such quations, more reasons you should feel for them not fight them, becaues every one is good no one is better than others in the face of creation, their major triggers.

One major attribute in them, is trying to put others down presenting themselves to be the best always, is not possible slow down dear, for an envious people losing is not part of life but to someone who is not envious, losing is part of life and not the end.

ENVIOUS people don’t truth self, they lack hope and have refused to build or stay hopeful no wonder their attention gets to others achievements easily.

So having an envious people around you, its actually shows you how empty they are inside, is not your problems is theirs so let them deal with it and dealing with it starts from inside.

Or help them fix it up, I tell you is a big problem having envious people around, it drained one up, you and them hahahahaha .

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