Lives have gone, properties have gone, by understanding, #endsars protest, Nigerians have paid for these struggle, for that freedom we desire,  for the lives of our fallen heroes not to be in vain, I think we deserve New and better Nigeria.

when Martin Luther King Jr led a civil rights movement that focused on nonviolent protest. … He changed the lives of all African Americans in his time and subsequent decades that are the words to Dr Martin Luther King I Have a Dream Speech?

Today, Nigeria youths in unionism are moving that same type of  train, moving to birth  a New-Nigeria

1, Where No one will be more Nigerian than others, not few being Nigerians why majority their slaves.

2, Where Nigerians all over the world will no longer be afraid to go home but be proud to say, am a Nigerian.

3, Where a child of nobody will be somebody because of their talents, gifts and hard work, not because of who they know.

4, Where Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba and every tribe in Nigeria will see each other as brothers and sisters, not allowing them into diving us to rule and feed big.

5, Where  we will build a system of self-determination, no more these agents of imperialist oppression, who  have emotionally blackmailed us into the life of fear, our innocent faithful people who kneel on a daily basis,  praying with false hope they sold to us, still, these evil greedy and heartless leaders of us, in form of religious, stealing the little we have to live largely  

5, Where dignity of our children will be their reserved and patent right,  not subjecting our girls and boys into the inhumanity lifestyle of prostitution, justifying the mindset that they must sell their body to have a life, they even take their womanhood and manhood by force through mental manipulation with our own resources.

Martin Luther King Jr envisioned a world where his children would not be judged by the colour of their skin, but by the content of their character.

I Beady Nnanna envisioned the Country where no Nigerian will be more Nigerian than others and together we can achieve this. if we don’t allow them to divide us like always, if we don’t allow their bigotry to get at us again, we will overcome and NEW NIGERIA is assured.

God bless Nigeria, God bless all Nigerian Youths, God bless all the #Endsars protesters, God bless all our truthful parents who are supporting us with Prayers,

Remember is not a war is a peaceful change we want.

When we’re feeling stuck, confused or when we’re faced with an unprecedented challenge just like Nigeria is in now, it’s often helpful to inspire yourself and muter that inner strength of words to yourself not only to encourage ourselves but to inspire us to be an encouraging force for others around us.

inspirational words can empower motivate or even heal a person, most Nigerians need that healing now.

Learning to pay attention to the words we choose to share with others now matters a lot and has a bigger effect than we might believe, be aware of propaganda and bigotry they are using it against you now in a disgusting form.

Learn the power of inspiring words and use printables inspiring words to hang around homes, or even next to some beautiful creatures, flowers that motivates us from inside we need to be strong more now.

Remember successful people or nations don’t become that way overnight. What most people see at glance happiness, wealth, a great people, career, purpose—is the result of hard work and hustle over time and that work is what Nigeria youths are doing presently.

Nigerians, work for that freedom you want.




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