Governor Nyemso Wike of Rivers state has mandated Nigeria army to go on  Obigbo House-To-House Arrest, humiliation and intimidation,  beating and harassing Obigbo people which   has lead to the death of many is nothing but pure intimidation, bully and oppression, depriving Nigerians right of expression as  what gave birth to the #endsars protest nationwide,
Rivers State Governor for about a week now? under draconic Curfew with no room to get Water, Food, Medicine or those with Bullet wounds getting Treatment, it has been reported that a pregnant woman died because she was denied opportunity to go for medical treatment by Nigeria army,
Governors furious was why should IPOB try to defend Obigbo indigenes from the Nigeria army, no one watches his people destroyed without putting up a defence, that was exactly what IPOB members did in Rivers state.
Why is Wike making it look like the so-called IPOB member in Obigbo are strangers?
They are indigenes of Obigbo, Why is he insisting they leaveOgbigbo, leave to where? And people are keeping quiet.
The trouble that erupted in Obigbo was similar to the other cases across the country, which started after Lekki killing 10/20/2020 in Lagos,  Apo Abuja, Osun, Lagos, Edo, Ekiti, Adamawa, etc where Govt recruited thugs to attack peaceful demonstrators making it look like the protesters are the bad egg when army finalized their action by shooting at Lekki protesters.
Everyone saw the level of damage in Lagos and another state, it never degenerated to ill-treatment to people we are seeing in Rivers state presently.
One will begin to ask why is obigbo own different, why do they always like to label the IPOB with a bad name,  why are they not getting media attention like other states and other protesters?
why are leaders turning deaf ears and blind eyes to this man inhumanity to man treatment to the people of Obigbo in Rivers state Nigeria?

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