To the ongoing Prison break in Benin city, Edo state, Beadysworld Tv got  in contact  with one of the Protesters  Awurum Darlington  who took to his Facebook handle to make below post on  Edo prison break,
he said;
‘No genuine #EndSARS protester is interested in destruction or stealing of government, corporate or individual properties. Only paid #ProSARS hoodlums are doing that.
We have seen videos of Hoodlums mobilised against the PEACEFUL and ORGANISED protesters destroying properties (cars) belonging to the general public, protesters and inflicting harms on innocent citizens even before the Men of Nigeria Police Force, and they did nothing but look along in admiration because the order is from above.
Those attacking properties are HOODLUMS/ THUGS engaged by the enemies of the people and the #EndSARS protesters must be disassociated from them and their activities.
The Genuine protesters have disowned and disinherited such people, we do not know them, they don’t associate with us and we don’t associate with them.
Before you also associate the Protesters to another breakdown of laws they know nothing about, be informed that the internet Heist going on at the moment has nothing to do with the #EndSARS protesters as whoever or those involved are doing so on their own;
Other Facebook users accused  Government of being behind the act, that is impossible for Government not to be involved just to get at the peaceful protesters, considering the fact that no security personal was on  ground at the time.
Awurum said it is an organised crime by those who want to paint the Image of the breakdown of law and order to justly clampdown on this innocent young Nigerians pleading for a better future ( NEW NIGERIA)  in their own country.
He advises the hoodlums.
“You guys should stop suffering and smiling, your parents were silenced for years, enslaved,  are you not tired for being a slave in your own country,  we know you are not comfortable with the Nigerian Security salary and welfare architecture, it is time you stop attacking those agitating for your economic emancipation and that of your generations where your voices are drowned and you only take orders like zombies.
Join this protest for New Nigeria,  for security personnel Salary raise, health insurance, life insurance, provision of adequate gadgets, arms and logistics for better policing and military engagements to achieve Nigeria that we all can be round to call a nation, this is because when the system stop dehumanizing the police officer they will stop dehumanizing Nigerians.
Don’t be cowards!
It is a shame that while we are facing your authorities at Aso-Rock, you are stooping so low to face harmless, armless and innocent civilians in the streets who have your interest at heart.
Lastly, there is no better way to exhibit cowardice than soldiers who are supposed to take pride in external aggression gloat overshooting ordinary civilians. Give yourselves some dignity when you put on those ‘ununiformed’ uniforms.
JOIN THE PROTEST NOW, let regain our voice and build a better Nigeria,

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