How did we get to this point that our women have sold shame in the market by freely giving another man’s child to another man without blinking an eye, is now a norm, happening around us every day and everywhere, why?

The truth is, our women are becoming evil, I agree, but how did we get to this point that has turned our women into this, I ask.

A quick reflection on our past, in those days, 95%  of our fathers, men, don’t have that tolerance of waiting with women who have delayed in childbirth, without minding even if the problem is from him, the man, him,  his family, friends will encourage him to get another wife or go outside and test his manhood, meaning getting another woman pregnant, is normal then, like in some culture will tell you, anywhere a child comes from let the child stay.

The majority of our mothers, from the 18,19 and 20th centuries lived in pains, of sharing their husbands, home with other women and children, t it was okay as long as is coming from the man, remember they are polygamous in nature, they are Africans.

Remember the present 21-century women watch their mother, grandmother and understand the pains they go through and deep down in their unconsciousness, they resolved that what their mother, their granny is going through, they will not go through it, it was a mindset shifting, having been exposed and educated, she can always have her way of getting things done even when it seems impossible.

Because we still live in a society that marries base for children not for who you are or love as many might call it, because of the moral decaying of our society, our men will still prefer to marry a woman when he is sure she will give him a child, who still has womb they say.

Most men prefer women getting pregnant before marriage, even those men who are aware of their health condition still wants a child and the desperate women will leverage on that desperation from both sides and achieve their aim, you want a child and I want marriage, I give you child, you give me ring irrespective of where it’s coming from, the child is child, remember we are Africans.

The 21st-century woman can not allow his husband to be taking away from her, she will do everything to keep you for herself, even if is giving you another man’s child, I will as long as you stay with me as my husband,

This is happening because our men need children, more than they the women, and our women have diverse a means to retain their homes unlike their mother or grand mothers could not, hmmmm, until our perceptions changes about marriage and children this is just the beginning.

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