Desperate Afghan Mothers throw children over barbed wire, abandon them to foreign paratroopers to save away from Taliban-VIDEO.

Desperate Afghan mothers threw their babies over barbed wire at Kabul airport as they begged British paratroopers to take them to safety.

Heartbreaking visuals of desperate Afghan women throwing their babies over the barbed wire at the Kabul airport compound painted not just a grim picture of the crisis unfolding in Afghanistan, but also a brutal reality of how barbaric the Taliban is are and could be.

Afghanistan has witnessed the horror in the face of reality over the past couple of weeks ever since the Taliban bludgeoned through security walls to take down the presidential palace.

The streets that once echoed with the sound of cheers in the past two decades, reverberated with screams, yells and wails of desperate thousands who are flooding the airport for a ticket to anywhere but back home.

It’s either the other side of the gateway to freedom or the end of the tunnel for those who can’t find their way out of Afghanistan.

“It was terrible, women were throwing their babies over the razor wire, asking British soldiers to take them, some got caught in the wire,” a senior British officer facilitating the evacuation process reportedly said.

In another incident, a small girl was lifted over the perimeter wall and passed on to an American soldier at the airport.

As id  she Was being reunited with her family, rather it was a desperate effort to rescue a child.

In another, a woman clambered over the wall of men at the airport in a last-minute attempt to protect her dignity from the rifle-wielding ‘government’.

These are just a few of the scores of visuals doing the rounds on social media that capture the despair yet another generation of Afghans are enduring as political and military superpowers of the world sit back and watch the consequences of their (mis)adventures.

British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace on Thursday said that they cannot evacuate ‘unaccompanied children.

Who says they are ‘unaccompanied’? They are going to clutch on to their nightmares till their graves.


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