Saturday, 3rd July 2021  remain indelible in the minds of all the teeming resolute supporters of Dr Godwin Maduka, a front line Anambra State gubernatorial aspirant, Whom super delegate robed off, A day Anambra people will never forget the large crowed they witness.

Dr Maduka is a globally recognized first-class chemist, pharmacist and medical doctor who specializes in anesthesiology, businessman and philanthropist.

A great philanthropist and the founder of the popular Las Vegas Pain Institute, USA whose ultimate life mandate is to affect lives, which he has been doing irrespective of who or people involved.  his major goal was premised on the alleviation of poverty, creation of job opportunities through huge investments and making Anambra state greater and better, thereby attracting foreign investors to boost development in the state.

On 3rd July in Awka, the capital city of Anambra state, the campaign office and humanitarian Organization of a former PDP Governorship Aspirant, Dr Godwin Maduka, was filled with thousands of people from across different political parties demanding that he adopts a new party ahead of the forthcoming governorship election.

During a massive solidarity rally called by the Dr Godwin Maduka campaign organisation- which had in attendance dissatisfied disenfranchised ad-hoc delegates as well as loyal supporters of Dr Maduka, cutting across all political divides in Anambra State.

The adjoining buildings to Dr Godwin Maduka Foundation’s office which also serves as his campaign office were not spared of hard-to-control
the surging crowd, who have already gathered as early as 10 am from far and near to show their support to him.

While some were busy dancing to the melodious loud music blasting from various giant loudspeakers stationed strategically for expected maximum effect, a few meters stretch of hitherto ever busy but free Awka-Enugu expressway, this time round clearly relapsed into heavy traffic snarl, the large number of vehicles were also parked off the road’s shoulder, which resulted in narrowing the highway; continuous entertainment of guests with drinks, snacks and food probably removed boredom while waiting for the arrival of the man of the moment.

The lively atmosphere, however, became fully charged when Dr Maduka arrived at the arena late noon with his entourage who was welcomed with Shouts of Okosisi and Lion of Africa:  and promptly took time to walk around, occasionally dancing as he extended warm greetings, banters and friendly hugs while at the same time acknowledging cheers from the enthusiastic crowd.

Shouts of Okosisi and Lion of Africa: ‘wherever you choose to go- we are ready to follow you’ rented the air!

Thereafter, Dr Maduka mounted the stage to address everyone present, he delved into what transpired during the purported PDP primary election held at the Women Development Centre Awka, describing it as the greatest charade in history:

He insisted that most of his loyal potential ad-hoc delegates were deliberately disenfranchised at the last minute in order to arrive at a predetermined outcome, querying the so-called ‘super delegates’ list that kept changing every inch of the way leading to the time of the primary election which many believed was marred with glaring irregularities and high-wired manipulations to favour a particular candidate.

He used the opportunity to immensely thank and appreciate all his supporters cutting across all party affiliations; who despite their individual busy schedules coupled with the cloudy weather condition, yet turned out en masse from all the 21 local government areas of the state to honour him!

Dr Maduka who was visibly elated and pleasantly shocked at the turn out of such a large crowd at a very short notice reassured them that his interest in the governorship race has not waned; stating that their collective efforts shall never be in vain- he also confidently said that God has blessed him tremendously in all ramifications in a foreign land:
therefore, he owes it a divine duty to both God in particular and the entire human race, in general, to massively impact his world.

Other various speakers at the rally eulogized Dr Maduka’s unmatched philanthropic nature and reassured him of their collective supports at any time and any day.

Fielding questions from pressmen after the event: Dr Maduka categorically stated that he has not yet left the PDP.

While further responding to questions from pressmen, he said that he has always placed a high value on qualified and capable women who can turn things around for good based entirely on merit, that having a qualified woman as a running mate was not a bad idea.

He finally praised politically conscious and conscientious women, youths, various support groups and all other supporters alike who believed in his clear vision and asked them not to relent.

He also stated that whatever he was able to achieve in his hometown of Umuchukwu and elsewhere was a mere tip of an iceberg compared to a larger than life all-around developmental agenda he had in mind for Anambra State and Nigeria as a whole.



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