The saying that no man can stand adversity, every man as a mortal being, has the ability to fail( making mistakes) what is required of us is owning up to the failing (the mistake making) showing remorse, asking for forgiveness and turning a new leave for a new life.

Another saying says that to know a man true nature,  give him power, it now energizes itself when the power is decorated with money and influence.

With regard to the rape allegations made by Mr and Mrs Busola and Timi Dakolo against Biodun Fatoyinbo of COZA (WORLDWIDE)  going by the interview with Y Naija, I hope this article will explain my stand in regards to the rape and sexual abuse in Nigeria as a nation.

like  most asked questions, in the lips of many Nigerians, why now, after 19years, the truth is that the healing process differs by a person to person, or can’t  she forget and let go as a christain, our personality differs in forgiving, but be reminded that Busola did not just want to media just to talk about her rape case, but it is the case of we the media people who are looking for things to leverage on, Biodun allowed us to buy a good case.

The truth is that the majority of our religious leaders, use their positions to indulge in this sexual abuse more frequently and get away with it, but who are you to speak up.

I must say that rape is atrocious, act condemned by the law of the land, because is a crime against being not just a person, because it destroys from inside to what the eyes can see, but has not been condemned by the people, our culture has in their own way celebrated it, our culture that is ruled by men, it is a chauvinism nation, In every nation of the world where chauvinism reign, is to say that men have upper hands over the women. which gives them right over the women, to do and undo, no wonder women are to been seen and not to be heard. On such account rape or any form of sexual assault has been tolerated in our society anyhow you like look at it,  for generation and is still been tolerated, if not tell me why is now prevalence that rape is now the order of the day even among the minors,             and old in the society with gut and impunity.

Nigerians are yet to grasp how horrible and damaging rape truly is to its citizen why the law has not taken its course because power has been dominated in the hands of one sex rather in the hands of the right people.

In a world standard of life globally, no wonder they said that absolute power corrupts absolutely, around the world, people have used their power wrongly, mistakenly and their subordinate has struggled all life to gain freedom, exonerate themselves, separate themselves from this life hitch  direct and indirectly, position that has kept them in, and that has taken their life away from them, they seek with everything in them, freedom they seek,   naturally needs of everyone, nation or state  is freedom, freedom from lack, from intimidation, humiliation, manipulation, victimization,  hardship etc.  is even worst in nations with awkward or human faceless culture that has kept its people in cage, to live a life they never desired,

With advent of technology, it is a freeze of life  for people in many nations around the world with human faceless culture to feel a freeze of good air, such nations, like third world countries, which Africa belong to, where all power belongs to men, majority of them misuse and abuse the power, for the women in such nations, they can now seek for their original life, one of the ways is to speak up, demand for justice and request for love, to love and to be loved, invariably this even, affect some of their men too, it takes a turn on them deeply, as  those men  with soft nature/ emotions are never allowed to live their life in full, as a man they are expected to live life in a particular way, forbidding them to express those inner feelings they burn with.

You must be and behave as masculine to prove you are a real man, such men, in those worlds, are coaxes into a different world where they totally did not belong to, but have to fit in for societal acceptance. live like, will never make a mistake, or own up to any mistake like a man, because a mistake is not for a man, he has right to own or possess anything they want or wish for,  mentality of rape (unconsciously grows)no wonder the ownership mentality and impunity abound in the life of our men who majority of them commit this crime not by their wish but by nature and culture they grow up with, will you blame them, NO! they see it as a normal thing.

So  with all this, is obviously that Biodun of coza worldwide, would have  abused Busola but as an Africa man and the position he occupied in the Nigeria-society( one of the biggest church) Commonwealth Of Zion Assembly, Lagos  (COZA)

cannot come out to say or accept his mistakes, fear of losing his congregation, mind you, we live in a society of perfectionist, no wonder we are full of making mistakes, we don’t want to been seen to make mistakes, forgetting that as humans, mistakes are normal  and part of life and with us, rather we chose to be perfect.


What is Timi Dakolo looking  for, He  already has the fame, the popularity, good carrier,  the money I might not say, as one of  good musician in Nigeria, who has created a nitch for himself as one Nigerian known for soul music’s, such  kinds of music is  not known in Nigeria, to allow his wife go through this humiliation, or public ridicule, mind you An African men, no matter their polygamous nature, don’t share. well, I stand to be corrected.

As Africans, is common for us, to hind such things just to protect their family image, am  a bit happy this is coming from a married women because if “Busola” was to be a single women in Nigeria she would have died by now, by the kind of treatment the society would have meted out to her.

If not, why is it that 65%             of women in the same unity of coza (department) of the church at this time that someone has given them, the opportunity to speak are giving the same testimony against Biodun at the same time?

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