Clawed to Death Out” Authored by 15-year-old writer.

The novel Clawed to death, written by 15 Years Maadiah Johnson, is an intriguing sci-fi series book.

It tells the story of a teenage boy that’s in an intricate world of his own after his father’s passed on.

He is being hunted by mysteries and events he is not prepared for. He has to stand his ground on his own and suppress the shadows that lurk in the dark.

But to achieve this, he has to be someone else, he has to be something else!

When asked about her book “Clawed to Death,” Maadiah’s creativity, intertwined in her ability to intricately lay emphasis as a gifted writer, gave an abridged version on her journey to creating the masterpiece; in her words:

“Clawed to Death” was created in my unbelievable imagination as a 10-year-old girl.

I gathered paper, glued them perfectly together to form a small book, then I designed a unique front cover with the fearsome but analytical title above.

I started writing and the ink kept flowing while my mind kept stringing layers upon layers of words and sentences together.

It took three days to finish what my mind had canvassed. Back at school, I was not hesitant to show my classmates what I had done.

They were amused at what seemed like a pirated story, but if pirated means an original idea reproduced on the bearer’s mind for endless days and night, then I would agree, it had been pirated.

I kept writing, creating a mental world of bliss that friends could travel to just by weaving through my beautiful wordplay.

Their amusement was a major inspiration; It gave a great sense of satisfaction and pleasure.

Then one day, I stopped.
I stopped and thought: these were kids like me, what about the older population? Would they find stories of wolves and myths interesting at their level? Were my infantile imaginations going to be controversial? Did the African Society have room to accommodate science fiction literature like mine?

I had to pull back in loss of motivation to go a step further. I piled my works and stashed them in a box in the distant corners of my mind and the house — I stopped writing.

Another ‘child’s play’ sadly ended.

Five years later, during routine home cleaning on a torrid afternoon, I stumbled on a familiar disorderly heap of abandoned books in a box. I smiled: memories of my conjured reality were refreshed. I immediately got back to work!

Thinking, writing, editing, cancelling and writing again, chewing the back end of my pen, I refined those thoughts. It was the Covid-19 lockdown and I had enough time to recreate it.

Word after word, line by line, I slowly but consistently cut through the sentence structures until, phew! I heaved in satisfaction.

After hours and days of dictionary usage, sleepless nights and laborious days way beyond what a 10-year-old should endure, “Clawed to Death” was born.

Join Queen Maadiah Johnson for her book signing ceremony on

Saturday 26th June 2021.
@Conference Hall of the Waterbridge Hotel IBB way Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

You can order her book “Clawed to Death” on
You can also follow her on Instagram “maadie_anie
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Maadiah Aniekan Johnson is a creative and prolific writer who at 15 has already authored a book currently published on Amazon.

Her inventiveness is evident in the richness of her thoughts and words both spoken and written. She is a queen at …

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