Chief Solomon Agune alleged to be Parading Fake Eze’s With Roadside Red Cap.

Chief Solomon Agune has been accused of buying fake red caps by the roadside for passers-by who he parades as Ndieze in Ohaneze building Lagos since the real Eze has left him, this was on a press release sent to Beadysworld by the Sunday Ossia faction.

Ohaneze Lagos chapter is in a turbulent time, it is very unfair and unjust that Igbos are the region crying most for marginalization and unjust treatment in the country, unfortunately, they suffer the same faith they accused the federal government internally.

Ohanze Lagos president seat has been a rotational seat for seven Igbo-speaking states in Lagos, chief Solomon Agune, said there’s nothing like rotational leadership among Igbo states in Lagos.

Solomon,  after spending four years as the president of the Lagos chapter representing Ebonyi has blatantly refused to accept his faith that his tenure has come to an end, due to his expectation in the fourth coming 2023 general election.

He should come to terms, that he is no longer Ohaneze Lagos president, that New Ohanze Lagos in the person of Chief Sunday Ossia has been elected and assumed office.

Chief Solomon Agune the outgoing president of Ohaneze Ndigbo Lagos whose tenure ended in June 2022, still parading himself with a bunch of fake Eze’s, bribing some Eze’s without integrity,

The latest reconciliation meeting was actually bought with money and promises Solomon made to the so-called, elders of ohaneze.

The council of known Ndieze headed by Eze ofia, the Eze Ndieze in Lagos, and the electoral team from Enugu conducted an election headed by Nze Ozichukwu, that saw Chief Sunday Ossia emerges as the president.

The council of Ndi Eze and elders council of the Ohanaeze have insisted that there is no tenure elongation in the bye-law of the Ohanaeze Lagos State and have maintained that a newly elected, Chief Sunday Ossai president has been empowered to oversee the affairs of the socio-political organisation

The actions of chief Solomon Agune, by parading himself alongside the duly elected president of Ohanze Lagos, Sunday Ossia has revealed that Solomon does not mean well for Igbos in Lagos, since all he keeps doing is, politicking Ohaneze Lagos with the state Government which he has been boasting of having a cordial relationship with.

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