Chief Olukole Omisore at 60.

Mortal man’s sojourn here may not last more than one hundred and thirty years, but it is still instructive how some persons get to record a thousand epics in life so comparatively short. Perhaps, what makes some shine far better than others lies more in their stars than in anything else.

Take a prominent son of the highly influential Omisore Dynasty in Ile-Ife, Chief Olukole Omisore, you will concede that business life couldn’t be more auspicious.

Like ever, he had made prime news with the story of his 60th birthday.

It was indeed a day praise and accolades were released in their torrents, splashing on the Nigerian business mogul like a fountain. They came from eminent jurists, governors, ministers, traditional rulers, local government chairmen and business associates.

The verdict on Omisore’s qualities was unanimous from all those who spoke about him at the occasion.

At 60, Chief Olukole Omisore has surprised many. His friends seem to agree on one thing: that Chief Olukole Omisore is honest and firm in his moral principles. Nobody for now really knows what his magic formula is. What is however known is that he makes friends easily.

A grassroots man, a lover of his ethnic group and Nigeria in general, Chief Omisore is not a man who is afraid to take a decision which he sincerely believes in. He has allowed his passion for excellence to drive his desires.

Particularly, the business mogul understands the various blocks to nurture the relationship and he knows how best to deploy them. He also understands the principles of business and this account for the ease with which he discusses matters from procedural to funding.

An epitome of a sound mind in a sound body, Omisore has in choosing to become a businessman, resolved to be one of the best in Africa.

To him, no problem is too difficult to resolve and no situation too arduous for a kind heart and keen intellect. With Omisore, you get the feeling nothing is impossible. He is an exceedingly generous man.

A traditional ruler in Lagos once described Omisore as “a lover of tradition to the core”.

A promoter of the Yoruba culture and Heritage, a lot of people are not surprised about Omisore’s view on tradition because he is from Ile-Ife (which is believed to be the cradle of the Yoruba race).

Omisore is known to be very generous to all and fiercely loyal to his friends and business associates. He is also known to have a very large heart, incapable of harbouring prejudice or vengeance.

A thoroughly de-detribalized Nigerian, Omisore is intolerant of indecency, inconsistency and corruption. He loves the company of children and younger persons. He is both a father-figure and mentor to people from all parts of the world.

The Ile-Ife born businessman has much to look back on with pride. In his pursuit of integrity and dignity, he has almost never compromised.

A role model to many and unarguably a man of the people, a reason his 60th birthday attracted countless accolades from within and outside the country and from people of all walks of life.

Ex-Governor of Cross River State, Mr Donald Duke and his Northern Counterpart, Rabiu Kwankwaso as well as other prominent Nigerians today congratulated the gentleman of Ile-Ife on the occasion of his 60th birthday.

They extolled his exemplary leadership qualities, his commitment to hard work, sheer brilliance, versatility and patriotism.

They commended Omisore for dedicating himself to the virtues of tolerance.

They also implored him not to rest on his oars when it comes to guiding others toward nations building, development and patriotism.



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