Inside that bag is the body of Chief Odunukwe, The richest man in Oraukwu in Anambra state, Killed by these four guys who pretended to be an estate dealer, the Abuja based businessman and millionaire Chief Odunukwe was tricked and disposed of his original land documents worth N9070m and then murdered him on 1st December 2019.

The bag they’re holding contained the remains of the businessman.


How Owner Of Fireman Generator Was Killed, over his own sweat of 900 Million

Anambra State billionaire and owner of Fireman Generators Chief Ignatius Odunukwe who went missing sincethe first week of December has been found dead.

The billionaire was killed, cut into pieces and his body packed into a ”Ghana Must Go” bag which his murderers took to the expressway and dumped inside a forest.

Some criminals who pretended to be land buyers called his line after seeing his advert on dailies of a property for sale.

They agreed on a price and the agreements for the purchase was drafted by his lawyer.

Both parties agreed to meet on an agreed date for the exchange and thats when the whole drama started.

IG Odunukwe’s lawyers suggested going with him for the signing but he declined and told him he needs to see someone at Ikoyi club and that was the last time they saw him.

When the billionaire didn’t come back home, his family reported the incident to the police and they started investigations.

They eventually arrested one of the men. On searching his house, they saw the papers for the land documents already signed.

The man claimed he already finalized the deal and paid the billionaire but when the police asked him to provide the bank account where he paid, he claimed that he paid with gold.

That was when the police knew he was lying. He was tortured and remanded in prison custody.

Finally,a few days later, there was a breakthrough in the case and the police arrested two more men.

They were tortured and they confessed that the picked up the billionaire and forced him to sign the documents. They killed him, cut his body into pieces and packed the parts into a Ghana Must Go bag and dumped it inside a forest in Badagry expressway.

On January 16th 2020, the police took the man’s family and the criminals to the forest where they retrieved the bag.

You can see when the police took the criminals and IG Odunukwe’s family to Badagry to recover the Ghana Must Go bag HERE.

It’s very important to always tell your family and close friends where your going to incase something happens.

If not that he told his lawyers he was going for that meeting at the hotel, they wouldn’t have known where to start looking for him.

Also, if your selling something, be very careful of every potential buyer because some of them might be criminals.

Why do we always have our eyes on peoples thing?????

How do people expect to be rich overnight? I had about “getting rich quick syndrome ” which has been doing more harm than good to the Nigerian society.

Some Nigerian youths are no longer interested in making money the right,legal and honourable way. Some have gone into illegal acts such as armed robbery, political thuggery, kidnapping, Yahoo, Yahoo plus, money ritual and obtaining by trick etc.

These social vices are not helping the Nigerian society. Some of our youths no longer care about the dignity in labour and hard work pays, all they care about is making money at the expense of others. Money is not bad but it should be made in the right and honourable way.

Even the society who intimidate. humiliate others with their influence lifestyle and money and government that has failed The society generally,

The real problems are the moral decay of a society that celebrate riches, wealth without minding the sources, what matters is that you have made money and you have arrived comfortably you will be initiated into the shakers and movers of the society no wonder everyone wants to make money without minding whose crux is crashing/

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